adi-robertsonAdi Robertson is a senior reporter for The Verge, and she was at Sundance covering the latest developments of VR storytelling. I caught up with her to unpack some of her New Frontier highlights including narrative innovations, how empathy pieces incite anger in her, surprise orgies & insect vision, VR auteurs Felix & Paul, as well as her her top 5 Sundance experiences.


I also talk to Adi about the epic oral history of VR that she co-wrote after the Oculus acquisition by Facebook, as well as her experiences of using mobile VR in public.

Adi is VR gamer at heart, and talks about some of her favorite VR demos like Bullet Train as an example of feeling exhilarated with pure emotion, and hopes to see more interactive worlds on par with Job Simulator.

Adi sees storytelling in interactive games is still of an open problem, and believes that VR has the potential to be an interesting interactive media that allows us to make art that is impossible without it. But that this may limit our imaginations to reaching the full potential of creating Matrix-like worlds that could change the way that we see reality. She’s looking forward to exploring virtual worlds, immersing herself in SOMA-like VR worlds, and making all of our wildest sci-fi dreams about VR come true.

You can follow Adi’s stories on the Verge, and be sure to check out her beginner guide to the HTC Vive Pre:

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