ADR1FT is Coming March 28th for Oculus Rift


Thee One Zero’s made-for-VR ‘astronaut in peril’ game ADR1FT is one of the most anticipated releases for VR headsets, and now it looks to be launching, on March 28th – in close proximity to the consumer Oculus Rift ship date at the end of March.

One of the best looking, most potentially terrifying games we’ve seen in development for virtual reality isn’t your ordinary, common or garden ghost story. ADR1FT casts you as an amnesiac astronaut marooned in space following a catastrophic event, you’re struggling for survival whilst trying to piece together any memories you can.

The stunning yet eerie aesthetic and premise for ADR1FT is something that caught our eye when it first crossed our radar in 2014. The VR enabled adventure, which is promising as an immersive title for many reasons, one being the sense of immersive isolation you can achieve through VR.

Now, owners of the Oculus Rift, due for release at the end of March, can look forward to getting their hands on the title as it’s release date has been revealed by the developers, via Twitter, to be March 28th for the PC version with Oculus Rift support. The title will be available digitally via Valve’s Steam distribution platform. The title will also arrive for Xbox One and PS4 “shortly after”.


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  • davidrilke

    I’m uncontrollably excited about this game on Oculus. Now if only I could get an update on current state of the pre-order shipping schedule before I implode…

    • mareknr

      You are lucky to have pre-oreder. I have to wait because my country (Slovakia) is not in the list now and I assume it will be added as one the last. :-)

  • sirlance

    I’m waiting to compare the vive to the oculus before I buy….I’m very pleased with the dk2 at the moment…”elite dangerous ”

    • Sky Castle

      I’ve heard about Elite Dangerous but was never interested in it until I tried VR. Now I’m preparing myself for the ultimate space adventure and bought the game, a HOTAS x52 flight stick, Voice Attack with Verity voice pack, and Immersit for the complete gaming immersion. I also bought Star Citizen. It looks to be another good VR gaming experience.

      • ZUmber

        Sky Castle it is indeed an absolutely fantastic game and that’s without VR, I can’t wait until my Vive arrives in April, they’ve already taken my money. I’ve got the X55 Rhino and it’s an amazing experience. Also the sound effects in Elite deserve a decent headset,

        • Sky Castle

          Nice, I also pre-oreded the Vive today. I’m just crazy for VR haha. Yeah the sound in Elite Dangerous is some of the best I’ve heard in gaming.

          • ZUmber

            I remember the original Elite and the original VR, how far we’ve come. I’ve waited 28 years for the this technology. I’m now considering ordering a new case for the PC and the parts I’ll be ordering. The Corsair 540. Beautiful case.

          • Sky Castle

            Nice, yeah we have come so far and I’ve been around since the Atari 2600 days! I seriously am so glad to be alive to have experience VR. I recently built my own PC as well just for the Rift and Vive. I got the Cool Master Storm Trooper (White case version), 980Ti superclocked by EVGA, Asus x99 board, i7 5820k cpu, and 16 GB DDR corsair platinum ram. The build costed $3,000 total. I love VR so much I want to be able to play them at max settings.

            You should get the Verity or Astral voice attack for Elite if you haven’t already. It really adds a futuristic vibe to the game. Also consider getting Immersit. It looks like it was made just for this game. Check out the link video and tell me what you think.


          • ZUmber

            That immersit looks amazing. Here’s me considering a pearl throne.

          • Sky Castle


          • ZUmber

            Google Pearl Throne. It’s what drummers use, but can be adapted to gaming.

          • Sky Castle

            I can see the use for that to spin around in VR.

    • Anthony Kenneth Steele

      The difference is the hand controllers. Do you like the htc ice axe or the oculus thing?

      • iBlendStuff

        False. Vive does everything the Rift does and then some. For instance, the front facing camera & chaperone. Not too mention many exclusives that have no current plan of porting to Rift.

        Now before anyone thinks I’m biased, I’m buying both. I’ve pre-ordered the Rift & I’m going to pre-order the HTC Vive as well.

        • Anthony Kenneth Steele

          yes right… the vive has 13ft x13ft virtual space capability and the rift you have to be near your desk.

  • Sky Castle

    I pre ordered the Oculus 5 minutes after it went live and it took me 15 minutes to finish processing due to online traffic. Ended up missing the launch date but I’ll be getting it in early April. Still, the wait is unbearable. Those that have never tried VR are lucky, because they won’t know how amazing it is to feel my pain.

    • DontGetMeStarted

      I’m an april Person as well! Gotta start building up the friends list!

    • Erroll

      Don’t give up hope.. your date could improve with all the cancellations..

  • Terr

    If you make the video resoultion to 680×480, then you will experience the very same grapich as you see in Oculus, which mean – shit! Have fun with motion sickness. You are paying a high price for shit!

    • Tor Robinson

      LOL someone’s jealous and can’t afford a Rift

      • Sky Castle

        I always laugh when I hear someone talking trash about VR cause I know how stupid they will feel when they try it for the first time.

        • Terr

          I’ve bought Oculus Dev2 kit for $360 and sold it after 2 weeks, so I know what I’m talking about. You’ll see the critics when it comes out. And all these youtube hypes are over exaggerated. Most of these review does not correspond to reality.

          It may be fun for 2 weeks, after that you’ll get bored because the resolution feels like it came from the 90’s.

          They said the motion sickness was eliminated with Dev2 but it’s not true. I’ve tried Radial-G, could only play for 5 minutes and after that I had to lay down in bed because of motion sickness. Same with Alien Isolation, and even the most simple demo where you walk around in a house and garden, especially when you walk up and down on the stairway.

          Even slow games makes you sick, no way you can sit for hours. And I have a pretty good rig with GTX 980 card.

          This shit may be acceptable after 15-20 years of developement. If you wouldn’t agree with me when you have first tried it, that will mean you will belong to the minority of thinking so, you’ll see the critics when it has released, I promise you more than 90% would agree with me.

          FoV (field of view) are also bad, it feels like you are looking through ski goggles which also ruin the immersion.

          • Collin68

            Sounds like you are VR sensitive. I also have DK2. When I started out I played Half Life 2 in VR with frame rates too low to avoid VR sickness. (Was using gaming laptop= bad) I was nauseous for a couple days after forcing myself to keep playing the game all the way to the end… BUT, and here is the rub, I got over it. It is possible to retrain your brain and get over VR sickness. It is hard, and miserable, but once you break through it is worth it. Games like Windlands and Alien Isolation in VR are worth it. Playing in VR is amazing.

    • dextrovix

      Bullshit. Motion sickness is down to game design, not VR. If you honestly believe what you’ve written, you can’t have tried anything close to the real thing. VR is the future, but it will endure incremental steps to achieve higher visual standards, especially for people with attitudes like yourself.

      • Terr

        It’s not about what I believe, it’s about experience. Look at my answer above!

        • dextrovix

          Fine, we all have an opinion of course. Although posting your comments on a VR title release article is likely to be a minority view, because most interested parties will be using VR and clearly not suffer from quality and sickness issues such as yourself. The majority of people who try VR do not suffer from motion sickness if they don’t already have that from real life, like travelling on the road or at sea. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, I don’t care about your experience, I just know mine is totally the opposite and I can’t wait for titles like this to broaden my VR experiences. In the mean time, back to Elite Dangerous!