‘AltspaceVR Social Week’ (Sept. 14-21) Promises a Week of New Feature Reveals


AltspaceVR is preparing to reveal a host of new features to their social VR space, which will take place during their first ‘Social Week’ a week-long series of events starting on September 14th. A session called “Building Holograms” may tickle your fancy if nothing else!

The ever-evolving AltspaceVR has announced another batch of features coming to their curated VR spaces that promise to “enhance the AltspaceVR experience.” Some of the latest updates to the platform include a Skyrim-esque tavern complete with configurable D&D board, and an add-on that let’s you tweet virtual selfies from inside VR—so we’re excited to see whats been brewing in the back rooms on Monday.

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AltspaceVR is already a feature-rich platform, offering a number of screens where you can communally watch streaming web content like Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch, or beam almost anything from any one of your three in-world personal browser windows. They’re calling their ‘Social Week’ a first, suggesting that’s there’s much more in the works for the company that has found over $5 million in seed funding.

Sam Cossman, one of the first explorers to go inside the fiery depths of the Marum Crater, will be also be hosting another go at the virtual Volcano tour. Details on a meetup entitled ‘Women in VR’ will soon be revealed in the coming days.

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Monday, Sept 14@6PM PST (your local time)

New Feature Preview with AltspaceVR CEO Eric Romo — RSVP Here

Join us as AltspaceVR CEO Eric Romo previews a very special new feature we’ve been working on. Come for the presentation and stay to meet new people and mingle.

Tuesday, Sept 15@10AM PST (your local time)

New Feature Launch #1: It’s finally here – RSVP Here

Join Cymatic Bruce for the reveal of a new feature for AltspaceVR. AltspaceVR engineer Kevin Lee talks about his experience developing it. Q&A and mingling after the session.

Wednesday, Sept 16@7PM PST (your local time)

New Feature Launch #2: Smooth moves with Cymatic Bruce – RSVP Here

Cymatic Bruce demos a new feature and AltspaceVR engineer John Shaughnessy shares his experiences developing it. Q&A and mingling to follow. Plus, join us for a brief fashion show where we’ll preview some updated avatars.

Thursday, Sept 17@7PM PST (your local time)

New Feature Launch #3: Building Holograms

Join Gavan Wilhite, Director of Engineering, and Bruce Wooden, Head of Community and Developer Relations, for the reveal of new ways to build things for virtual reality.

Friday, Sept 18@10AM PST (your local time)

Volcano Tours with Sam Cossman

In December, 2014, Sam Cossman led a team into one of the world’s seven permanent lava lakes–Ambrym Volcano in Marum Crater–so he could create a 3D map of the crater with a small fleet of drones. He wore custom built heat suit to protect from the 1,000 degree temps and splattering molten rock. Watch his breathtaking footage here. We’ve recreated Marum Crater in AltspaceVR, so you can join Sam for guided tour of Marum Crater in virtual reality. Trace his footsteps and hear his awe inspiring stories without fear of flying magma.

Stay tuned for further details of the ‘Women in VR’ meetup taking place Sunday, Sept 20th, and Monday’s yet unrevealed event.

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  • Curtrock

    For anyone who read Ready Player One, AltspaceVR prob represents the primitive beginnings of what will become the “Oasis”. Exiting times.