XR Games today announced that the franchise’s next Angry Birds VR game is set to launch on PSVR on August 6th; the game was created in partnership with XR Games, Sony’s VR team and Rovio Entertainment.

Update (July 23rd, 2019): XR Games releases a post on the PlayStation blog, revealing not only the August 6th launch date for the Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, but also detailing a bit more about the game.

According to XR Games senior game designer Richard Boon, the VR player is the captain of the submarine from the upcoming film. The TV-based players are the crew of that submarine, doing repairs, crafting torpedoes and storing treasure, while the VR player is in charge of the TV players, and is able to help them out.

“The captain monitors event and grabs as much treasure as possible from the ocean, which the crew then store in the sub. In our user tests, some captain players directed their crew closely, others ran a looser ship. Some flung their crew around without even asking. The captain has a lot of tools to help the crew enjoy their game,” Boon says.

The original article announcing The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure follows below.

Original Article (June 4th, 2019): Called The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure, the game makes use of PSVR’s ‘Social Screen’ feature, serving up couch co-op gameplay for up to three non-VR users and a single PSVR player. The news was first reported by Hollywood Reporter.

Unlike previous Angry Birds AR/VR titles, which had to you aiming a slingshot for teetering 3D structures by your lonesome, Under Pressure has you teaming up with friends to run a submarine. The VR player is tasked with piloting the submarine while the ‘Social Screen’ players control the sub’s crew, including Red, Chuck, and new movie character Silver.

We’ve only seen a few screenshots of the game, so gameplay still isn’t exactly clear, although it appears to provide some matching puzzles in addition to skill-based sling-shooting, with a top-down still showing flatscreen companions matching various boxes to create what appears to be a specific ammo type for the PSVR player to fire.

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Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure is set to launch on PSVR alongside the film in Summer 2019; the film is slated to debut in the US on August 16th.

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