After a string of major releases from Oculus Studios which have garnered so-so receptions, Asgard’s Wrath has broken the chain as the most critically acclaimed title from the publisher since 2017’s Lone Echo.

As anyone with a VR headset will tell you, great VR games are hard to come by. So any time something new comes along that really feels compelling, it’s a big deal. For its part, Facebook has been making critical investments in VR content as a publisher under the Oculus Studios banner. Unfortunately, adequate funding isn’t the only ingredient needed to make a great VR game, and while Oculus Studios has brought a series of ‘must play’ titles to fruition, the last few years of its major releases haven’t been as impactful.

Released earlier this month, Asgard’s Wrath has broken that string, becoming the most critically acclaimed Oculus Studios title since 2017’s Lone Echo, according to review aggregator Metacritic, which shows the game averaging 89 points out of 100 across 10 reviews from critics. While this could change as more reviews are published, presently the score ties Asgard’s Wrath with Lone Echo as the best rated major release from Oculus Studios according to its Metacritic score.

'Asgard's Wrath' Behind-the-scenes – Insights & Artwork from Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studios

Here’s a look at the major Oculus Studios releases from Lone Echo until Asgard’s Wrath, and their aggregated review scores according to Metacritic:

The 89 point average puts Asgard’s Wrath just one point below what is, to our knowledge, the best rated VR title with 10 or more critic reviews on Metacritic, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission which has averaged 90 of 100 points across 50 reviews. While only at 6 critic reviews, the PC version of Beat Saber has managed 93 of 100.

Players seem largely in agreement with critics on Asgard’s Wrath, with the game managing a 4.6 of 5 stars over 900+ Oculus user reviews (which would convert to 92 on a 100 point scale).

'Asgard's Wrath' Review – VR's Epic Norse Saga of Godlike Proportions

Asgard’s Wrath has set the stage for a string of upcoming Oculus Studios releases:

  • 2019
    • Stormland
    • Phantom: Covert Ops
  • 2020
    • Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
    • Lone Echo II

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  • Jimmy Ray

    I have to wait for my paycheck. But will be getting. Stormlanders your next

  • Kevin Brook

    Be interesting to see how Stormland fares.

  • Immersive Computing

    Robo Recall and Lone Echo were standouts

    Marvel Powers United was just….not great, but it was free..

  • Grey Lock

    Too bad it’s about Norse gods – never got into “playing god”

    • Richard Servello

      You’re missing out

  • Im sure Insomniac will hit Stormland out of the park too! cannot wait!

  • Gonzax

    Asgard is an amazing game, I had big expectations for it and it delivered on every front. Spectacular game!

  • 3872Orcs

    It doesn’t look like anyone outside our little VR bubble cares much or is aware of the game. For that to happen we need a game with brand recognition.

    For the upcoming releases I think the Valve’s flagship game has the potential to make people care and probably disrupt the whole industry as well. Though Valve need to release their headset outside US and EU or what’s the point?

  • ale bro

    i’m never going to like a game that has zombies spawning out of the ground. arizona sunshine has been out for 2 years

    • david vincent

      More importantly, Blade & Sorcery has been out for 1 year…

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Jesus is real and I know this because I wasn’t religious or brought up at all about God.Wasn’t looking either but when I decided to end my life Jesus revealed Himself to me that evening.He is more real than this world.

    • Foreign Devil

      Jesus introduced you to Virtual Reality!

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    • paleion

      p.s. You spelt Jesus wrong.

  • Richard Servello

    I thought lone echo was amazing… But honestly, it’s a tech demo compared to asgards wrath.

  • The Northerner

    shame it’s not released for other VR sets.
    exclusivity is a plague.

    • Abion47

      You can play it on any SteamVR compatible headset with Revive. The Index in particular handles it so well that I’d even say it’s better on the Index than on any Oculus headset. (Aside from a few minor annoyances, though there was an update to Revive today that hopefully fixed most/all of them.)

      • Immersive Computing

        The only Revive issue many index owners are reporting on the index subreddit is poor performance even with 2080Ti.

        • Abion47

          I have a 2080 Ti and the performance hasn’t been full 120/144 Hz, but it’s been fine considering the scale of the game. The only issue is when the guardian system is showing then performance drops to like 10-20 FPS. If I stay away from the walls, then there aren’t any real issues there.

          • Immersive Computing

            That’s reassuring to hear, what CPU are you using?

          • Abion47


        • Jarilo

          Runs fine on my 1080 ti , max and super sampling. When wired. It’s CPU heavy so it only starts to complain on my wireless Vive Pro adapter, still I choose to play wireless. Anyway, Works well on Revive.

    • Jarilo

      You can play on Revive….still, more or less I agree on exclusivity, mainly Oculus’s hypocrisy of it. I bet they won’t mind mooching on the Valve exclusives when they release.

    • Thoemse

      Actually the beast headset to play this with is the Pimax 5K+. It’s like they made the game for this. Runs in large FOV with great performance.

  • Jarilo

    Finishing up the 4th character story now. Well deserved.