About a year ago I bought myself the Astro A40 gaming headset which I’ve been quite happy with. I was browsing Astro’s website the other day and happened across a nice looking headset stand that is sold as an accessory for the Astro A40’s, but for some reason I immediately thought this attractive stand might be a great for showing off and storing the Sony HMZ-T1 head mounted display.

The A40 headset is pretty big, and if you use it with a PC, you’ll probably end up resting it on a desk. I found quite quickly that laying the A40s down in this manner wastes a lot of space. My solution to this problem was to use a big binder clip which I now hang the A40s from over the site of my desk. I have so much more room now, it’s great!

Sony’s HMZ-T1 is designed to sit flat while not in use, and this takes up a lot of precious space if you’re sitting at a desk and using the HMZ-T1 with a computer.


For $35, the Astro headset stand might make an attractive HMZ-T1 holder to save yourself space and show off your HMZ-T1. If you want to go the DIY route, definitely try the big binder clip solution, but let’s be honest… if you spent $800 on the HMZ-T1, you can probably scrape together $35 for a nice stand!

The Astro headset stand is caved out of a solid block of aluminium and has a silver anodized finish. I’m not 100% certain that the stand will fit the Sony HMZ-T1, but it might worth a try if you like a tidy and attractive work space. Check it out right here at Astro’s website.

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