Think Tank Team, the alias given to Samsung’s ‘Research America’ group have launched a website celebrating the research, design and engineering that went into Project Beyond, Samsung’s newly announced 3D 360 VR Camera tech.

Form, Function

imagesSamsung’s San Jose based research lab, also known as The Think Tank Team, have been responsible for imagining, designing and engineering some of Samsung’s most recent products, such as the Galaxy Gear. With the announcement at today’s SDC 2014 keynote of Project Beyond, a rather dramatic title for the company’s first 360 degree, Stereosopic 3D camera – designed to inspire content creators to capture compellng, VR-centric video.

TTT’s website has just been updated, and with it a slew of new images highlighting the elegance of Project Beyond’s design ethos. A short video accompanies the imagery (see above) which demonstrates at a very high level what the aim of Project Beyond is – getting great video content onto the Gear VR platform. The images are surprisingly candid, with exploded views of lenses and the unit as a whole.

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  • BoltUpright

    Does it also capture the images above the camera?
    The video pointedly only shows the viewer looking from side to side.

    That would mean limited usefulness for VR and the device will quickly be surpassed by those developing 360 cams who are capturing most of the view providing the user with the ability to look above and all-around.

    • David Hothersall

      Yes you can see there’s a camera on the top of the device as well as those facing outwards.

      • BoltUpright

        Ah yes i can see it in the diagram picture. Great!

  • Ryan

    Wow, AFIAK this the first hint of a major manufacturer getting into VR videos. Looks pro-sumer.