HP’s Reverb G2 is a solid PC VR headset with class-leading resolution. Now the headset is on sale for its lowest price yet in the US for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022.

The Best Reverb G2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 Sale

Even at its original MSRP of $600, HP’s Reverb G2 headset is a solid PC VR headset, especially for games and applications where resolution really counts. Now at its most discounted price yet, the headset feels nearly like a steal.

The best Reverb G2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022 sale so far is $300 from HP.

According to HP, the model on sale is the newer and somewhat improved version of the headset, which we’ve taken to calling the Reverb G2.1. In our hands-on with the G2.1 we found improved tracking coverage and field-of-view thanks to some tweaks the company made to the cameras and to the facepad.

Reverb G2 Specs

Resolution 2,160 x 2,160 (4.7MP) per-eye, LCD (2x)
Refresh Rate 90Hz
Lenses Single element Fresnel
Field-of-view (claimed) 114° diagonal
Optical Adjustments IPD, eye-relief (only on newer units in US)
IPD Adjustment Range 60–68mm
Connectors USB-C, DisplayPort, Power
Cable Length 6m
Tracking Inside-out (no external beacons)
On-board cameras 4x B&W
Input Reverb G2 controllers (AA battery 2x), voice
Audio Off-ear headphones
Microphone Yes
Pass-through view Yes

Reverb G2 Content Compatibility

HP Reverb G2 works natively with the Windows Mixed Reality store, but very few VR applications are available there. Fortunately a free and official plugin from Microsoft also makes it compatible with SteamVR content. If you’re looking to play content that’s exclusive to the Oculus PC library (like Asgard’s Wrath) you can use the free but unofficial Revive mod to play Oculus PC content on Reverb G2. You can’t play Oculus Quest games on Reverb G2 or any PC VR headset.

Reverb G2 Black Friday 2022 Game Sales

Available through November 29th, 10AM PT

Steam Autumn Sale
  • Nearly 1,300 VR-only and VR-optional SteamVR games on are on sale for Black Friday 2022
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  • Seb Piotrovsky

    Hey Virgin! How come you are not here already?? :) Could it be possible that you have left VR (for a while, of course :) ), and FINALLY got laid in REALITY??? (as I’ve been recommending you for a loooong time :) ). IF THATS THE CASE please accept my sincerest congratulations! (but somehow I don’t believe it… – probably you are just sleeping drunk because of those beers you drink trying to fight your LOLELINESS and BITTERNESS… :) ). Yours truly, Polish Pimax Fanboy :) PS Pershaps you will learn from your silly, venomous comments to not mess with randoms on net… :) (but I really doubt that :) And that’s why I will be around to remind you that… :) ).

    • ViRGiN

      LMAO wtf? what’s here to talk about? freaking shitty HP G2 landing in bargain bin at walmart? nobody gives a fuck about HP, WMR or pimax. i don’t even know who you are. but you do sound like that guy from m2 podcast where you guys are masturbating over each and every tiny news lol. if you mentioned pimax just now, in a g2 thread, then i bet you got seduced by joshua from pimax and sebastian from mrtv, right at their headquarter lol.

      seek mental help. i’ll be around for much longer, to make all the fun of pee-products.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    $300, that’s really low. Maybe they are also clearing their stock, hopefully for a new G3 release.

    • MeowMix

      I believe the word is HP is leaving the VR business.

      • ViRGiN

        everyone but meta is dropping off like flies.
        finally. glorious times where vr is equated to meta and meta only.
        “competition is great” my ass. it’s been nothing but illusion of choice, and loud farts of ‘sim’ people who are incapable of understanding that their multi-thousand sitting in the cockpit hobby literally bothers noone outside their own circle.

        • Cless

          Competition is great. If Meta was the only game in town, I can assure you we would have NEVER gotten cheap Quest or specially cheap Quest 2. Why do it? It would be dumb to lower the prices for literal no reason, there would be 0 danger of not doing so, since they would still keep 100% of the market.

          • ViRGiN

            Why did Meta released Quest 2, even cheaper than Quest 1? What competition did they face?
            Competition is great, when the products are actually competing and actually improving the actual products.
            Adidas is competitor to Nike.
            Nothing like this ever existed in VR sphere.
            Pico 4 is somewhat decent product, but customers aren’t really interested in it. It seems like a complete flop. Meta PCVR haters might get one to exclusively use with PCVR. The rest of PCVR are not interested due to lack of display port.

            Not a single example exists showing Meta withholding progress until competition arise.

          • Cless

            The thing is, you don’t need all products to be the same to have competition. Don’t you think Varjo doesn’t take notes on what to do or what not to do from other companies? Meta is exactly the same. Maybe we would have had a flopping “Quest Wide” if Pimax wasn’t around to test the concept.

            Couldn’t I just say “Not a single example exists showing other companies holding back Meta’s progress” ?

          • ViRGiN

            100% of the market of 1 million customers is at high price is still different than having 100% of the market of 15 million customers at a lower price.
            They have always been super wide open about driving the adoption as a goal.
            What other companies set such a goal? What did WMR, pimax, valve index and others brought to the table?
            Varjo isn’t really consumer oriented at all, if you want to mix ‘enterprise’ markets, then how come Quest Pro exists? What are the other small factor cutting edge VR/MR headsets? Who else integrates eye tracking and face tracking?

            Pimax is a joke. Haven’t you seen their “roadshows” from the past few days? Handful of prototypes, already lying about delivery changing from Q3/Q4 to “summer” next year. Nothing works as usual, except for stuffing higher resolution display inside, something they have done for years to this day. Pimax portal? More like pimax cardboard! For years they have been presenting the shittest shit to test their VR with. They were literally demoing Fruit Ninja VR to see those “amazing” visuals and “wide” field of view. Portal was shown with some travelling app which pretty much displays 360 photos. Everything is always work in progress. Wireless doesn’t exist. Controllers are barely connecting. Who the hell right in their mind goes on a “roadshow” with all this piss? Their kickstarter is a flop too. Yeah they reached their goal (which wasn’t a goal at all), but people aren’t flocking in. In typical chinese mindset fashion, they are mostly not responding to the REAL questions even there. Yet they launched it to gather feedback from “community”.

            Meta have actual labs where they test tons of different stuff for their future products. Of course you believe everyone else is doing the same lol.

            Why did Meta released a “high end” Rift S for low price? What competition did they have at that moment?
            Why HTC Vive constantly releases new products, at actually higher price than before? How Meta is influencing these “competitors” to release better, cheaper products? Competition does not exist, and doesn’t seem like ever will. VR is still far from mainstream. This isn’t smartphone industry where you can get Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei or LG and still have very good experience.
            No, in VR, everything is illusion of choice. Steam Hardware Survey perfectly shows that nobody cares about anything other than Meta, and index for those die hard valve fanboys.

          • Cless

            I agree 100% with the first and second paragraph you wrote,

            The Rift S was dead in the water, facebook killed it, didn’t you know? That’s why it was at best a sidegrade from the OG Rift.

            Valve had “actual VR” labs before Meta wasn’t even a thing. Literally they let Oculus visit and use their tech for free if they wanted and use any of their stuff learned in their own projects.
            And yeah, all of them do. How the hell do you think Varjo gets theirs? Or Shiftall theirs?
            Of course, Meta is the biggest one, it has the deepest pockets after all, and the Meta pro if anything shows with their hardware what is capable of doing (even if they capped it slightly by removing the damn depth camera, I’m still salty about that one).

            Other companies can’t compete with meta because they are the biggest fish in the tank, nothing else, if M$ wanted to compete with them they would probably have a worthy big company to fight with.

            And yeah, this is nothing like the phone industry, but… how the hell do you think was the hell industry when it started? Literally just like this, until a great design appeared and killed everything else. We don’t have that in VR yet, reason why it isn’t mainstream. The VR we get now, are the flip phones of the 00’s.
            What Meta wants, is to be the “Apple” of VR, and hopefully for them, Apple doesn’t decide to become the “Apple” of VR, because their pockets are even deeper, and they have been investing in it for a while as well (even if more AR oriented).

            And the point we disagree most, is the illusion of choice in VR. There is choice you like it or not. Pimax might suck hard, but for people that love FOV, any Meta product sucks ass, even more than a problem ridden Pimax. Thus, they have a very real alternative, even if you don’t like it.

            I’m going to be honest, if my money is on the line, I won’t be buying any of Meta’s products either (at least what they have around now), they are too basic for any real enthusiast like us, even the Meta Pro falls short in the screen department (which I would argue is more and HMD for enterprises, not enthusiasts).

            To me, the first company that releases a 2k-3k OLED HDR HMD for around $1000, is the one that I will buy (And there are a couple out there that are about to release those now).

            If Meta was the only game in town, that choice wouldn’t exist, with other companies, it does. This site, is for enthusiasts, sure a dude that puts his VR headset to play once a week for a couple minutes would just get a Quest 2 and be happy with it. But us enthusiasts want more, and Meta… just doesn’t have that, smaller specific companies is where its at.

          • ViRGiN

            >if M$ wanted to compete with them they would probably have a worthy big company to fight with.
            Yeah, and if Google wanted to compete with Meta Facebook or VR, they could… oh wait. They tried both.

            > how the hell do you think was the hell industry when it started
            Phones were uncomparably much more simpler devices, and every company could chew their own. Nokia was the biggest, but things like Blackberry existed before dawn of smartphones, which are pretty much marked with Iphone revolution.
            You can not compare complicated nature of VR headsets, to something anyone can hold in their hand and look at traditional flat display.
            Where is the competition in graphic cards? It’s all Nvidia, and if you hate Nvidia then you can go with AMD and face tons of issues down the line, and missing out on features. Looks great in benchmarks, and in reality it’s a bad purchase for anyone involved. But you do have that option! But in the early days we have many, many more GPU producers. Where are they now?

            > for people that love FOV
            Yeah, about 10k people who got tricked into buying one, and couple of hundreds who will swear on their life this is cutting edge product.
            Again, nobody cares about this outside simulation crowd. Illusion of choice and tons of issues, years after release and dozens of headsets with the same issues. Their very first headset was literally open-sourced Oculus DK1 with higher resolution screen. And since then, that’s all what they ever do. Shoving more “power” and relying on everything else from external companies.
            Where is the SteamVR controllers industry? Why there is nothing beyong Vive wands and Index controllers? Seems like such an obvious thing, and the easiest to achieve. Just make Touch equivalent using SteamVR trackers. 6 years going and nothing.
            I will not name Pimax, because you will start going off about market of people who do not care about 1 button missing, completly destroying compatibility lol.

            What are those enthusiasts spending time on? Player base is much much LOWER than in the summer time. And I kept hearing that it was summer preventing people from playing due to heat.
            No new quality relelases. It’s the 6th year where the top off the charts is literally unchanged. New games die off immediatly. Vail VR? Half the numbers from week prior, and even those VRLFG numbers are about 50% fake.
            Nobody plays anything new. What’s so enthusiastic about playing Alyx all year long?

            It’s never the hardware that is the issue for 99% of people. It’s the software.

            And as much as I think Quest Pro is a pretty good headset, with great lenses and fine resolution, it falls flat in software department. There is nothing pro to do with it, outside of developing software using it’s features for future release when the whole package will get cheaper and shipped by default in the industry leading headset. I am returning mine though, because they failed with all that virtual workspace. Immersed is super trash and looks like shit. No way to flip up the headset, to actually access the screens in front of me. I think this is my biggest issue. I can’t just work on my stuff, and quickly jump in and out of VR with the Pro. But other than that, I think it shows that Quest 3 at much lower price will be an amazing device.

          • Cless

            Uhh… Virgin, is it me, or a bunch of messages under this one straight up dissappeared? (including my answer to this one)

            I have notifications of you answering to me to them… but it just erros out when I click the link…?

          • ViRGiN

            everything i’ve posted and seen of yours seems to be still here for me

          • Cless

            … Damn, I think I just can’t see it then..? Man, Disqus has been shitting the bed a lot lately.

          • Anonymous

            As much as I always find Virgin’s ridiculing tone and choice of words against PCVR extremely annoying, it is unfortunately at least 85% truth.

            The rest of GAAM plus hardware companies have gone through their own stages of startups yet it is baffling that none could recognize that releasing a PCVR headset and expecting it to sell on its own, without supporting the software front to make a viable ecosystem, is about slimmer in chance than a meteor striking you directly.

            WTF was Google doing when Meta released the Quest? Busy chopping off Google Glasses and Cardboard team instead of leveraging on experiences and Android Store to make a true competition.

            WTF was MS doing when Meta released the Quest 1/2 and its own MR features through passthrough? Busy firing off or mistreating HoloLens team so that now the entire project is in jeopardy while also abandoning WMR completely.

            WTF was Apple doing when Meta released the Quest at a more viable price point? Claiming VR is stupid and busy making their own AR headsets that is equally expensive as a PCVR setup, also setting a new walled garden (that no one criticizes just because they are Apple), and with barely any info on launch apps.

            WTF was HTC doing when Meta released the Quest? Busy making more and more failed headsets whose targets are nobody with poorly integrated hardware.

            WTF was Dell/HP/other WMR headsets manufacturer doing when Meta released the Quest? Well they die together with MS and goes to focus on other B2B areas such as cloud, servers, IT security or good old gaming PC.

            WTF was Pico doing when Meta released the Quest? Copy the Quest model leveraging on funds from the Chinese government who are worse than Meta in international law / human rights violations, is increasingly becoming the free world’s enemy, and is increasingly likely to get sanctioned by the US government on chip availability.

            WTF was Amazon doing when Meta released the Quest? Nothing. But at least they just stayed quite and not “pretend to care but not care” nor ridicule.

            WTF was Valve doing when Meta released the Quest? Well, Valve at least was trying their best to keep PCVR alive with Steam Deck although I personally still think it isn’t viable. I always fail to understand why they never try to make a new ecosystem that can run smaller scale games similar to Android to support their own all-in-one VR.

            PCVR disappearing will make VR extremely boring as it still represents the ultimate pinnacle in terms of graphics and freedom of customizability. But it is the mainstream market that someone, or many, needs to create together to make a technology viable, not a bunch of enthusiast alone.
            It is fucking despicable that no one else in the industry except Meta is actively trying, while having have to take all the flak from a bunch of naysayers just because it is Mark and Facebook.

        • Chris Blackburn

          tell that to their stock price since “all in” on the vr stuff

          • ViRGiN

            What does it change?
            They are still making huge profit.
            You’re using this as a way to dismiss Meta, when in reality every tech company is doing massive layoffs and are changing their earning projections post-covid

      • androsszit

        That’s unfortunate, we need more competition in the space and I don’t think the upcoming Apple headset will really change anything given the rumored pricing. Since MS basically bowed out with it’s ‘mixed reality’ line and there’s still no word from Valve on an index 2, there’s not many left in the race. I’d hate to see Meta get it’s wish of turning VR into a walled garden.

    • Not sure about a G3 coming :|

  • Tommy

    Yeah man, $300 is a fantastic price for the G2. I had one and sold it before they fixed the tracking. Visually, it was the best headset I’ve put on. It was comfortable for long play sessions and easy to set up. I wasn’t the biggest fan for the controllers buy I’ve tried much worse. At $300, I’m tempted to buy another one.

  • What a great price

  • Gamesta

    It was on sale on the 23rd.