Most Popular Oculus Quest 2 Games & Apps – Free

One way to look at the most popular apps on the Quest store is to see which are earning the most reviews over a certain period of time. The ranking below shows which games saw the most reviews since our last check.

Rank Name Change in Ratings
#1 Rec Room +766
#2 VRChat +753
#3 PokerStars VR +482
#4 Supernatural* +425
#5 FitXR – Boxing, HIIT and Dance Workouts* +280
#6 Horizon Worlds +249
#7 DeoVR Quest +206
#8 Gun Raiders +168
#9 Villa: Metaverse Creation & NFT Collaboration Platform +139
#10 Echo VR +128
#11 Prime Video VR +108
#12 Bigscreen Beta +107
#13 Poker VR – Multi Table Tournaments +64
#14 Elixir +63
#15 Liteboxer +63
#16 Epic Roller Coasters +55
#17 YouTube VR +53
#18 Horizon Venues +51
#19 Goliath: Playing with Reality +46
#20 The Under Presents +44

Rating change compared to April 2022

  • Among the 20 most popular free Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings : 114 (−7)
  • Among all free Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings: 21 (±0)

* free trial followed by paid subscription


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  • Lhorkan

    Your most popular section doesn’t take games into account that transition from app lab to the store, taking their existing reviews with them. This is a heavy distortion of the actual review count increase. It would require extra work from your end to keep tabs on this, though.

    • benz145

      You’re right, we try to identify these manually and exclude them, but they can slip through.

  • Tommy

    I don’t understand why most of these games have such high ratings. Is it because of the limited library and people are desperate for games? Is it because many people have only experienced Quest games and have no other VR experiences to compare to?
    Or. am I just picky and have much higher standards for VR games? Probably a mixure of all three.
    Imo, only about three or four of those even deserve higher than a 4.