Best Rated Free Oculus Quest Apps

Name Rating (# of ratings) Rank Change
First Steps 4.81 (1,059)
First Steps for Quest 2 4.79 (269)
Echo VR 4.71 (5,157)
Oculus First Contact 4.7 (911)
Anne Frank House VR 4.6 (637)
Rec Room 4.55 (7,914)
NOTES ON BLINDNESS 4.48 (401) ↑ 1
The Under Presents 4.45 (889) ↓ 1
Bogo 4.41 (667)
ecosphere 4.4 (235)
Dear Angelica 4.39 (147)
Quill Theater 4.39 (215)
Immersed 4.38 (551)
Supernatural* 4.2 (1,656) ↑ 2
Mission: ISS 4.19 (766) ↓ 1
Bait! 4.15 (801) ↓ 1
Bigscreen Beta 4.11 (1,651)
Spatial 4.08 (119) New
The Key 3.96 (593) ↓ 1
Traveling While Black 3.96 (481) ↓ 1

Rank Change & Stats Compared to November 2020

YouTube VR

  • Among the 20 best rated free Quest apps
    • Average rating (mean): 4.4 out of 5 (±0)
  • Among all free Quest apps
    • Average rating (mean): 3.8 out of 5 (±0)

* free trial followed by paid subscription

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  • Foreign Devil

    That’s weird I never even heard anything about these 2 Chronos games but they are best rated? Apparently this one is the second in a series?

  • RNB

    Thanks for creating these lists. It is interesting to see which apps appear in both lists (highest rated and most rated). A special kudos to the developers of these apps which are of the highest ratings and commercially very successful.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted
    I Expect You To Die
    Job Simulator
    Pistol Whip
    The Room VR: A Dark Matter
    The Thrill of the Fight

    • Charissa Brown

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  • Seth J. Chandler

    Are there Quest 2 games people would recommend for older people (80+) who are forced to stay at home due to COVID? These need to be games that do not rely so much on reflexes but require moderate activity and some thinking. I know they will enjoy Wander but what else?

    • benz145

      Hey Seth, good question. How about Cubism or Vacation Simulator?

    • LS

      My dad, who is 86, loves Wander. He travels the world from his swivel chair.