Most Popular Free Oculus Quest Apps

One way to look at the most popular apps on the Quest store is to see which are earning the most reviews over a certain period of time. The ranking below shows which games saw the most reviews since our last check.

Rank Name Change in Ratings
#1 VRChat +451
#2 Rec Room +327
#3 Supernatural +266
#4 FitXR — Box, Dance and HIIT Fitness +231
#5 PokerStars VR +195
#6 Goliath +131
#7 Echo VR +107
#8 YouTube VR +55
#9 Oculus Browser +47
#10 Elixir +44
#11 TRIPP +38
#12 DeoVR Video Player +37
#13 Prime Video VR +35
#14 Epic Roller Coasters +33
#15 The Under Presents +33
#16 Bait! +31
#17 Netflix +28
#18 Gravity Sketch +25
#19 Jurassic World +24
#20 Venues (Beta Early Access) +22

Rating change compared to August 2021

  • Among the 20 most popular free Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings : 41 (−15)
  • Among all free Quest apps
    • Median number of new ratings: 13 (−4)

* free trial followed by paid subscription


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  • I’m not sure this is the best way to order these games because imo some of them just don’t belong in the positions they’re in. But, hey, opinions . . .

    • Abion47

      You are free to your opinion of how good or bad a game is, but these lists are based on aggregate reviews of hundreds or even thousands of user reviews. Games are in the order they are in because that’s where the numbers put them.

      If you think you have a better way to interpret the numbers, you are free to suggest it, though I would have to warn you that there’s a difference between developing conclusions based on data and retrofitting data onto pre-conceived conclusions.

      • Arno van Wingerde

        You’re right in principe.
        However: looking at the scoring histogram, most users are simply totally uncritical at all and score just about everything a “5”.
        In my personal opinion, most VR apps should score “1-3”, as they are simply not all that good. As a result of this uncritical scoring, the difference between game 1 (4.97) and game 20 (4.72) is actually negligible. For instance, a single “1” score for “puzzles” would already lower their score to 4.96, a few malicious people (say the team of “The Room VR: A Dark Matter”) could put the game down in the ratings, which is only made possible in the many “5” scores for any game.

  • Plou

    I really wonder why YUKI didn’t do better. Is it because of a summer launch? Is it because the schmup genre is too niche? Pixel Ripped was very appreciated and pushed by Oculus. I haven’t seen YUKI been pushed at all. Only 130 reviews…and yes, the score makes sense, it’s very well made. Curious about this.

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