We’re keeping an eye on the best Oculus Rift S Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 deals, don’t blink or you might miss the best Rift S sale of the year!

Updated for Cyber Monday – December 1st, 2019

The Best Oculus Rift Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deal

Image courtesy Oculus

The best Oculus Rift Black Friday 2019 & Cyber Monday deal so far is the Rift S for $350/€400/£350 on Amazon (a 12.5% discount). You can also get fast and free shipping with Amazon Prime. This deal will be available until December 2nd.

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  • Oculus.com
  • Best Buy
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft.com
  • Argos
  • Digitech
  • CoolBlue
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Oculus Rift S Price Baseline

Released earlier this year, the Rift S is the latest version of the headset; the original Rift has been discontinued. It’s important to keep in mind the base price of the headset so you can make an informed decision when purchasing. Without an special discount, the Oculus Rift S costs $400/€450/£400. Inside the box you’ll get an Oculus Rift headset and two Touch controllers.

Oculus Rift Black Friday & Cyber Monday Game Deals

Image courtesy Oculus

In addition to discounts on individual games, all of which you can find here, Oculus is also making available a $105 ‘Diamond Collection‘ with six bundled games:

  • Lone Echo
  • Moss
  • Superhot VR
  • Zero Caliber VR
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted
  • Onward

At $105, the bundle offers a 28% discount over the usual $146 collective cost of these titles. If you already own any of the games in a bundle you pay a reduced amount and still get a discount on the titles in the bundle that you don’t already own.

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  • Xron

    Well, I guess they can’t make big discounts on rift S, because its already selling close to production cost…
    But games sale is a bit sad ;p…

    • Grey Lock

      Steam sale is said to start today at 1pm et

      • JesuSaveSouls

        Nice,wonder what cool content.

    • Charles

      “they can’t make big discounts on rift S, because its already selling close to production cost”
      I have extreme doubts about that. If it’s selling at close to production costs, how is the Odyssey+ selling for much less in spite of having much higher specs all around (other than fewer cameras)? Could the extra cameras really be THAT expensive that they would bring up the cost by like $200 or more?

  • The Bard

    Odyssey+ with controllers for 229$ on Amazon. That’s the best deal of this year!

    • nejihiashi88

      i hope Odyssey+ dies ok, stop spamming the shitty product you cant play shit with 2 cameras on the headset

      • JesuSaveSouls

        I have no real problem with first gen odyssey.Two cams not the best but I thought they added more for the plus.

        • Kevin White

          They did not add more.

          • Charles

            The imperfect tracking outside the FOV is the only real drawback of the Odyssey+. It’s better than any other headset unless you want maximum sharpness (Reverb) or maximum refresh rate (Index) – but both of those headsets have their own major drawbacks.

      • brandon9271

        I’ve never had a problem playing anything with it. It’s not perfect compared to SteamVR tracking but it’s the best deal going right now by a mile

      • KUKWES

        Odyssey+ with controllers for 229$ on Amazon. That’s the best deal of this year!

      • KUKWES

        Odyssey+ with controllers for 229$ on Amazon. That’s the best deal of this year!!

      • KUKWES

        Odyssey+ with controllers for 229$ on Amazon. That’s the best deal of this year!!!!

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Not available for my country, still 559 euro’s here which is about $616……. whereas the Rift S is only 400 euro’s

    • Zantetsu

      You are a shill, plain and simple. And I am concluding that you are paid since you never respond to questions about why you are always pushing the Odyssey in every post.

      Ben – can we get some action on preventing paid shills on this site please?

      • The Bard

        I am paid? Of course not. I love Odyssey+ which I bought on 22.11.2018.
        I developed games for 10 years in a big AAA company. I had Rift DK1 and other headsets on my desk when nobody knew about it yet. I testes many headsets, but I am sure Odyssey+ overall is the best headset you can buy now…for peanuts price. Look, Samsung made a promo for 229$ on Amazon. That’s 50% of Rift S price. Rift S which is way, way, way worse. What I would have from Rift S fixed and improved tracking, when the image is sh&t compared to OLED in Odyssey+ and… anti-screen door tech in Odyssey+. Sound… Can you live easily in your life without sound? Rift S has…. again… s&t sound coming from some small hole. It is just terrible. Odyssey+ on contrary has built-in AKG headphones – comfortable with very good sound quality. Rift S LCD with much lower resolution, washed out colors and screen-door effect, for 400 USD, while you can buy O+ for 229$ during promotion. It is no brainer to get the Odyssey+.
        What I am looking forward is 180-210 FOV curved OLED VR headset from Samsung. I can only replace my O+ to such tech, not even to lower resolution Valve, for 450% of Odyssey+ price. My points are good if you read them and think about them.

        • Zantetsu

          OK well … you responded, so good for you. It’s clear that you are passionate about the Odyssey+. Thanks for responding.

          • The Bard

            Sure. In reality I am passionate about technology and progress in VR. The progress is very slow unfortunately. O+ seems the best device for the money they ask. It is not flawless. I had to buy face pad from vrcover.com and comfy head strap from vrheadstrap.com to make it more comfortable, but this is just a minor thing. I would like O+ to have bigger sweet spot, because it is pretty narrow, but this is something I could not change unfortunately. cheers.

          • Charles

            “I would like O+ to have bigger sweet spot”
            Are you sure you’re wearing it the best way? I have no issues with the sweet spot. Read these threads – they might help.



          • Pablo C

            I have heard the O+ require some software fine tuning for many games. If you work on software I understand you don’t mind this, but for most of people (at least most working adults with families), even PC gamers, gaming time is scarce and we don’t want to loose it on software adjustment.

        • Charles

          I completely agree. The O+ is arguably the #1 best headset, and yet it’s one of the cheapest. Samsung really should be marketing this thing hard, yet I’ve seen no marketing from them. Not sure why. Most people aren’t aware of how much better it is than the other ones that get all the hype.

  • Cannot wait for Friday! It can’t come soon enough, so excited to finally get my little brother his own VR headset so we can play together!

    • JesuSaveSouls

      Thats really cool.I havent managed to get any personal fam or friends to get one yet.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      At most stores you can already order it for that price..

  • JesuSaveSouls

    Go quest and get vr at its best.Standalone and link to the pc too for full pc experience.

    • aasdfa

      this 100% is the best starting point and stay at point for a lot of vr users and its great! if they want to upgrade they can then go for something likethe index but the quest with the link is better then pretty much any 1st gen situation. we have it good guys we made it!!

  • Ardra Diva

    From everything I’ve read it’s get the Quest at this point.

    • JakeDunnegan

      Agreed. I’m pretty surprised at this cost – except I imagine that FB is trying to get every non-informed person to buy this thing b/c the Quest is selling as fast as it can already (so no incentive to drop the price on it…)

    • The only reason to get a quest is if you honestly want mobile VR.

      It’s tethered display looks worse at a lower refresh rate and requires a like $80 cable.

      • Bravanche

        The lower refresh rate on Link is due to original certification they applied for mobile VR being 72Hz, not because the displays can’t go further. John even already tweeted more patches to bring up image quality are being considered once they get more user feedback and Qualcomm’s support to customize the 835 more.

        And no you don’t need a $80 cable unless you want official premium 5m cable that is not even released yet.
        Any USB 3.0 with 5Gbps speed will do and the longest one can reasonably buy now is 3m (10ft.) for less than $20, without a problem. I tried it myself and all works excellent.
        Some Reddit user even used extension cables to make a ridiculous 20m cable and find the latency to be very acceptable for most circumstances. He mentioned doing slightly worse in Beatsaber but can still enjoy the game.

      • Pablo C

        I agree, but it’s also much better than Rifts for games where you move a lot, even though the same games look much better on the Rifts.

  • JakeDunnegan

    Not sure if this was pointed out, but I think you mean November 28th.

    • benz145

      Yes, thank you, will fix : )

  • A VR Enthusiast

    I have already ordered my Oculus Rift S with Black Friday discount.

    and I just cannot wait. :)