We’re keeping an eye on the best HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 deals, including the Vive Cosmos, Vive Pro, and original Vive. Don’t blink or you might miss the best sale of the year!

Updated for Cyber Monday – December 1st, 2019

The Best HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

Image courtesy HTC
Vive Cosmos

The best Vive Cosmos Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 deal is $600 (a 14% discount) at Amazon.

Vive Pro

HTC is offering discounts on all Vive Pro packages. The best Vive Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 deal is the ‘headset only’ for $600 (a 25% discount) at Amazon.

The best deal on the Vive Pro Starter Kit (1.0 base stations and controllers) is $800 (a 27% discount) at Amazon.

The best deal on the Vive Pro Full Kit (2.0 base stations and controllers) is $1,100 (a 21% discount) at Amazon.

Original Vive (certified pre-owned)

The best deal on the original Vive is $350 (a 13% discount).

Vive Wireless Adapter

HTC will be offering a $50 discount on the Vive Wireless Adapter which is compatible with Cosmos, Vive Pro, and original Vive (as long as you get the correct version for each). See the official Vive site to nab this deal (if discount is still active, it will be reflected when you add the product to your cart).

Seeing these deals deal out of stock? Also check the following:

  • Vive.com
  • Best Buy
  • Microsoft.com
  • Newegg
  • Argos
  • Digitech
  • CoolBlue
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HTC Vive Price Baseline

It’s important to keep in mind the base price of the headset so you can make an informed decision when purchasing. Without an special discount, the Vive headsets costs the following:

  • Vive Cosmos: $700
  • Vive Pro:
    • Headset Only: $800
    • Starter Kit (1.0 base stations & controllers): $1,100
    • Full Kit (2.0 base stations & controllers): $1,400
  • Original Vive (certified pre-owned): $400
  • Vive Wireless Adapter
    • for Cosmos: $350
    • for Vive Pro: $350
    • for original Vive: $300

HTC Vive Black Friday & Cyber Monday Game Deals

Image courtesy HTC

From November 28th to December 2nd, all Vive headsets will include a 12 month subscription to Viveport Infinity which gives you unlimited access to the company’s Viveport content platform.

HTC is also offering up sales on individual Viveport app purchases, all of which you can find here.

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  • Immersive Computing

    Vive Pro headset for £599 is a great deal.

  • John G

    Arg! Very frustrating I can’t get the Vive Pro Eye for anything but full retail.

    == John ==

  • Andrew Jakobs

    The starter kit also comes with a full year of vive port infinity (I think it was only a couple of months before the black friday deal). I’ve gone ahead and bought myself the starter kit at 899 euro’s, I’ll buy myself an Index in a couple of months, but now I at least have a decent headset which has the basestations which also supports the original vive, and I can develop for multiple headsets..

    • John G

      I looked for that, but don’t need more controllers or 1.0 base stations. Still, it’s a great buy.

      I wish I could get a bundle with 2.0 base stations, and the Eye Pro.

      Or any discount with the Eye Pro. I think Foveated rendering is the way to go.

      I’m intending to get the Index controllers when they come out, so I’ll have my 2 trackers, my two original controllers, and the Index controllers.

      == John ==