While Oculus doesn’t offer much publicly in the way of understanding how well individual apps are performing across its VR storefronts, it’s possible to glean some insight by looking at apps relative to each other. Here’s a snapshot of the top 20 Oculus Rift games and apps as of August 2020.

Some quick qualifications before we get to the data dump:

  • Paid and free apps are separated
  • Only apps with more than 100 reviews are represented
  • Some apps may have benefited from early hardware bundling (like Robo Recall and Lucky’s Tale)
  • Rounded ratings may appear to show ‘ties’ in ratings for some applications, but the ranked order remains correct

Best Rated Paid Oculus Rift Apps

The rating of each application is an aggregate of user reviews and a useful way to understand the general reception of each title by customers.

Name Rating (# of ratings) Rank Change* Price
The Room VR: A Dark Matter 4.92 (205) $30
Beat Saber 4.82 (14,809) $30
Moss 4.81 (867) $30
Trover Saves the Universe 4.71 (293) $30
Lone Echo 4.71 (4,620) $40
Brass Tactics 4.7 (736) $30
I Expect You To Die 4.68 (1,224) $25
Until You Fall 4.68 (163) New $20
Robo Recall 4.68 (11,271) ↓ 1 $30
Electronauts 4.67 (102) $20
The Thrill of the Fight 4.65 (525) ↑ 1 $10
Racket: Nx 4.65 (109) ↓ 1 $20
Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted 4.65 (587) ↓ 4 $30
Dance Central 4.64 (328) ↓ 1 $30
Space Pirate Trainer 4.64 (722) ↓ 1 $15
Vox Machinae 4.62 (374) New $25
Vacation Simulator 4.62 (357) ↓ 2 $30
Bending the Light 4.61 (171) ↓ 2 $15
SUPERHOT VR 4.61 (3,537) ↓ 2 $25
BlazeRush 4.61 (777) ↓ 2 $10

Rank Change & Stats Compared to July 2020

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Eleven: Table Tennis VR

*Early Access apps are now included in our data which means some changes in ranking may be due to a technicality rather than a large change in rating

  • Among the 20 best rated Rift apps
    • Average rating (mean): 4.7 out of 5 (±0)
    • Average price (mean): $25 (+$1)
    • Most common price (mode): $30 (±$0)
  • Among all paid Rift apps
    • Average rating (mean): 4.1 out of 5 (±0)
    • Average price (mean): $20 (−$2)
    • Most common price (mode): $20 (±$0)

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  • Graham J ⭐️

    Interesting to see what games people will be leaving behind or running with Revive instead (assuming this gets around the problem) due to the new Facebook login requirement.

    • Jaap Olsthoorn

      So true, I just added a bunch of these games to my wishlist, but you can bet that it’s my steam wishlist and not my oculus one, even though Oculus store is a much nicer experience.

  • These are almost all very old games (in terms of VR timespan), hard to know if they’re (still) popular because they’re actually good, or they’re popular because they keep appearing on lists like this. I feel like these kinds of lists need a term limit, so newer titles have a chance to get popular.

    • Data

      100% agree
      I am (I was ?) a VR Dev. Stop working since lockdown in March.
      Get back to it just to discover the same old things over and over again.
      It does not take off!