Most Rated Free Oculus Rift Apps

Name # of ratings (rating)
Rec Room 5,152 (4.42)
Echo VR 4,112 (4.4)
Minecraft 3,550 (3.31)
Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality 2,917 (3.98)
Aircar 2,359 (4.56)
Bullet Train 1,092 (4.38)
Farlands 1,092 (3.87)
Toybox 675 (3.58)
NVIDIA® VR Funhouse 499 (3.85)
Mythos of the World Axis 464 (3.89)
Brass Tactics: Arena 448 (4.56)
Flying Aces: Navy Pilot Simulator (Trial Version) 373 (3.21)
Wrench: Engine Building Demo 296 (4.52)
Guns’n’Stories: Preface VR 274 (3.91)
VRMultigames 274 (3.03)
Aces High 267 (2.61)
Magic Table Chess 250 (3.71)
Archangel™ Hellfire Free 245 (3.27)
War Robots VR: The Skirmish 229 (3.98)
InCell 200 (3.27)

Stats Compared to November 2019

  • Among the 20 most rated free Rift apps
    • Median number of ratings : 456 (+27)
  • Among all free Rift apps
    • Median number of ratings: 267 (+37)

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Bonus Stats

  • There are approximately 1040 games & apps in the Oculus Rift store
  • 86% of games & apps are paid while 14% are free
  • 18% of Rift games & apps have earned more than 100 ratings (compared to only 80% on the Rift store)
  • The most common price on the Rift store is $10 (compared to $20 on the Quest store)
  • Two games are currently tied as the most expensive in the Rift library at $60: DiRT Rally 2.0 and Elite Dangerous: Commander Deluxe Edition (the most expensive games on the Quest store are $40)

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  • TechPassion

    Again…. Rift….Rift…Rift…. F this Rift for God’s sake! Odyssey+ is better and for 50% price of this crap. Sponsored article annoys me!

    • Mei Ling

      You sound a bit like sponsoring yourself.


      • TechPassion

        Knock yourself in your head. Rift S is crap, that’s a fact. They constantly promote this device, while there are better devices, for smaller cash.
        I would never buy VR headset without headphones built-in, low resolution LCD with screen-door effect. Those who buy Rift S are lazy to even read about it first.

        • Mei Ling

          I think pulling the Samsung Odyssey out of that magical hat of yours right after deploring the existence of the Rift S is sort of questionable to say to the least.

          See what I did here?

        • It’s hard to buy a VR headset (Samsung Odyssey) which is not distributed in Europe. I’ve directly asked Samsung UK, they simply said it was not part of their European stock range.

          This leaves an interested purchaser using a private important company, with no warranty or support. Not a situation many would be comfortable with, myself included. I’ve had to raise RMA’s for Rift CV1, Vive, Lenovo Explorer and Valve Index, so support is crucial!

          I’m not interested in the Rift S, but its actually available for sale here in Europe, with warranty of 2 years.

          I actually got to try the Odyssey at the start of the year, a good experience and surprisingly comfortable. Over to you, Samsung….

        • You are A. So wrong and B. Really being a dick about it. Tech may be your passion, but your passion is a bit …. inflamed. They make a salve for that.

    • benz145

      This isn’t a sponsored article, we don’t ever do sponsored articles. This article isn’t about Rift, it’s about games on the Rift store and how they’re performing. Do you really need to come into the comments on this article and talk about why you like one headset over another?

    • MadridiCooL

      in VR HMD Market, you never get the perfect package, Samsung Odyssey+ got Real VR experience visuals compared to the Rift S, I like the Rifts Controller.

    • Grateful Fred

      50%? Behave, it’s as expensive, if not more expensive, as the Rift S. The controllers are crap. Tracking is not as good as the Rift S. Too much light bleed and a real pain trying to reduce it. Only one headband adjuster so it’s difficult to get it to sit properly on people’s head. With so many different head shapes and sizes you need more adjustment options. FOV smaller than the Rift S. Cheap and lightweight, not what you’d expect from a $500 device. OK if you sit at a desk, not so good if you play a game standing up. All these points I found with a five minute look at Amazon reviews for it. Get a clue fella and drop the bitterness.

    • Calm down. There is NO WAY IN HELL I’m putting down my Rift S for a P.O.S. Windows MR headset. It’s not sponsored, they’re just reviewing the BEST GEAR and ecosystem.

  • Pablo C

    Funny to see that the quality and gameplay of the best Rift games are not even close to Alyx.

    • Sky Castle

      Speak for yourself. Asgard’s Wrath is far better imo.

      • Pablo C

        I speak for most

        • Clownworld14

          Alyx is breaking new grounds and the others will eventually catch up. When a new milestone is reached, it takes a couple years for the others to catch up.

          • Sky Castle

            Not sure what new grounds it broke. Played just like any other single player game I’ve ever played…

        • Sky Castle

          No you don’t.

          • Pablo C

            Most reviewers consider Alyx much better than Asgard, and this is not considering the fact that Asgard is oculus-exclusive, hence, evaluated only by half of the players.

      • Pablo C

        I just came to tell you that, because of this discussion, I tried Asgard´s. It definitly has nice things, but come on, it´s not comparable to Alyx, not even close. I liked it, but I still like Skyrim VR better, which being just a port, sais a lot for the genera. If you objectively analyze it, Asgard is better, but not much better than i.e. Seeking dawn. I´d say Asgard is a AA+. but not a AAA, as Alyx definitly is.