josh-farkasJosh Farkas has given over 6000 VR demos over the last couple of years, and he’s been in the position of having had to try to explain the potential of VR to many skeptical businesses. That’s in part because his Cubicle Ninjas was primarily a web development and creative agency before becoming an early adopter of VR. They’ve released two virtual reality applications so far including Guided Meditation VR and the augmented reality filter app Spectacle. I had a chance to catch up with Josh at SXSW in March where we talked about using the Gear VR to detect heart rate and provide biometric feedback, releasing the first augmented reality application for Gear VR called, and some stories from the frontlines of evangelizing virtual reality.


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  • zuben

    Another great interview. Therapeutic / actualization applications in VR are what interest me most. Incorporating biofeedback is going to be challenging, but the rewards should be profound.