‘Black Mirror’ Inspired Sci-fi Mystery ‘Torn’ Confirmed for August Launch on PSVR, Rift & Vive


Torn is an upcoming sci-fi mystery puzzle from Aspyr Media that takes inspiration from The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Now the studio has confirmed with Road to VR that Torn is indeed launching on all supported platforms next month. 

We were curious when we saw Torn’s pre-order listing on PSN, which cited an August 28th launch date. Reaching out to Aspyr Media, the studio confirmed that the dark sci-fi mystery puzzle is indeed launching on PSVR on August 28th, along with versions for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Check out the listings for Torn on both the Oculus Store (Rift) and Steam (Vive, Rift).

Image courtesy Aspyr Media

Here’s Aspyr’s description of the upcoming sci-fi mystery puzzle Torn:

Deep in a forgotten forest, video blogger Katherine Patterson discovers an abandoned mansion, filled with strange machines and disturbing experiments. This is the home of Dr. Lawrence Talbot, who was reported missing more than 64 years ago. Patterson realizes this could be worth millions, the story of her career. But when she meets Dr. Talbot in person — alive, trapped in a strange new dimension, and missing his body — Patterson realizes she was wrong. This is the story of a lifetime.

Using what appears to be a very Doctor Who-style sonic screwdriver, you manipulate objects and solve puzzle throughout the house; if the trailer is any indication, we’re in for what appears to be a highly polished experience with plenty of intrigue.

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Aspyr Media is the Austin-based studio known for their work on its many PC-to-Mac ports including Call of Duty, Sid Meier’s Civilization and Star Wars.

Torn is the company’s first in-house developed game, and was written by Neill Glancy (Stranglehold) and Susan O’Connor (Tomb Raider, BioShock), with an original orchestral score composed by Garry Schyman (BioShock, Middle Earth: Shadow of War).

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  • gothicvillas

    Sorry, psvr… I will get this for my Vive instead.

  • Lucidfeuer

    I’m impressed by the cinematography and sound of the trailer, this looks very well crafted.


    This looks absolutely fantastic! The production value seems top notch! I totally sense the BioShock vibes.❤️

  • sfmike

    Looks fantastic but hate the narrator.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Looks great, but I wouldn’t mind also seeing a VR version of Black Mirror (I’m a real adventure freak and loved the original black mirror games (haven’t played the remake of the first though)).

  • david vincent

    Looks intriguing, with a real Myst vibe (you can even play the role of an interior designer ! ^^)

  • HybridEnergy

    This looks awesome, will be in my purchase list if it’s good.