‘Blaston’ Brings Slow-mo PvP Dueling Madness in New Gameplay Trailer


Resolution Games, the studio behind well-received VR titles like Angry Birds VR (2019)Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! (2019), and more, has shown off gameplay for its next VR title. Due out later this year, Blaston is a departure from the studio’s catalog of casual VR games, this time aiming for PvP shooter action.

Update (June 17th, 2020): Resolution Games has revealed a new trailer for Blaston, which includes a good look at its futuristic, slow-mo dueling action.

The game is slated to release on Quest this Fall, Resolution says, with “additional platforms to follow.” You’ll find the gameplay trailer linked above and below the article.

Original Article (April 16th, 2020): Blaston is said to “pit players against each other in intense player vs. player duels that challenge them to stay in constant motion and blast their opponents with incredible precision using an assortment of high-tech, futuristic weaponry.” The studio released a teaser trailer today which shows players alternating between shooting and dodging.

The trailer and the studio’s description of the game suggest that Blaston will be limited to 1v1 combat, so we expect it’ll bring something rather different to the table than arena-type VR shooters like Dead and Buried II and Smashbox Arena.

Resolution Games has a history of developing casual and cooperative VR games, so a PVP dueling game is a bit of a shift for the studio. Granted, we’ve seen genre-pivots from VR studios like Cloudhead Games (Pistol Whip) and Schell Games (Until You Fall) which have resulted in new genre-defining games, showing that a studio’s VR development experience—at this stage in the industry anyway—tends to be more important than genre-specific experience.

Image courtesy Resolution Games

Resolution Games hasn’t announced which headsets or platforms the game will launch on, though we’d suspect that Oculus Quest is a sure bet considering many of the studio’s other games have been available on Oculus’ standalone headsets. As for a release date for Blaston, the studio hasn’t given a specific date, but says the game will launch sometime this year.

Update (June 19th, 2020): A prior version of this article stated that Resolution Games had not yet announced what headsets the game would ship on. This has been updated above with the latest information which indicates that the game is set to launch on Quest this Fall, with other headsets to follow in the future.

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  • blue5peed

    Every body knows vr endemic studios like Survios or Fast Travel Games but Resolution Games has kind of gone under the radar. Everything they do is of such a high quality. I wish them the best with this game.

  • Trenix

    Looks like Rec Room, that’s not a good thing.

  • How many games are they developing? :O

    • Raphael


  • Kraufthauser

    Ah, another DOA pvp game in VR. When will they ever learn?

  • Raphael

    Most exciting game preview I’ve ever seen…

  • Andrew Jakobs

    This looks utter boring to me..

  • CazCore

    so a gun-based version of The Unspoken (2016)?
    i can’t stand games like that.

    • No, it’s a scifi version of Dead and Buried’s duel mode, with more power ups xD

  • ale bro

    no inversion, no buy

    • wait what does that even mean?

      • ale bro

        ability to go upside down

  • Sven Viking

    Player counts are always a concern, but apart from that I thought it was a nice idea.

  • Mah, it doesn’t seem that exciting from the video, honestly

  • Game devs REALLY need to stop trying to make everything multiplayer and focus on more heavy hitting single player titles with OPTIONAL multiplay modes. Making all of these cheap little multiplayer games that twenty people play at different times of day is going to kill the industry, cause people won’t have anything real to play.

    It’s an interesting idea, this game, but it’s so similar to 20 other games out there already that are utterly failing at player retention that it just seems garish to continue supporting it.