PSVR Exclusive ‘Blood & Truth’ Shows Off New Gameplay

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Ahead of Tuesday’s launch of Blood & Truth, PlayStation has shared 13 minutes of new gameplay showing one of the early levels of the game.

Developed by Sony’s London Studio (the studio behind the excellent Playstation VR Worlds), Blood & Truth is a PSVR exclusive that aims to make the player feel like the lead character in an action movie.

To that end, one of the game’s early levels establishes the player’s backstory as an ex-military badass—which will probably help explain why they know how to use guns and explosives later in the game. New gameplay footage shows the level in its entirety:

The level is also used as an interactive tutorial without feeling too overt about it. Players will learn how to shoot, reload, climb ladders, and pick locks. The player will also get familiar with the holster system which allows you to stash weapons at your hips and shoulders, with fresh magazines able to be pulled from a pouch on the chest for reloading. At the conclusion of the level we see a car chase where the player rides shotgun (which will be quite familiar to those who have played ‘The London Heist’, the PlayStation VR Worlds mini-game which inspired Blood & Truth.

Hands-on: 'Blood & Truth' Brings Tight Gunplay and New Bullet Time Mechanic

Blood & Truth launches on Tuesday, May 28th alongside a new PSVR bundle [Amazon] which includes the game. Keep an eye out for our full review on launch day.

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  • PJ

    The PSVR does have some really good looking games, I wish this was coming to PC

    • gothicvillas

      Just do what I did, get psvr and don’t miss out on gems like that. My playtime between Vive and psvr is 50/50. Well worth the money!

      • PJ

        Can’t justify the expense of a PSVR and PS4 just to play a few games, as good as they may be.

        I’ve played on the PSVR and I hated the tracking too, though the PS Aim is brilliant

        • M0rph3u5

          Just dont!! I have a PSVR and the tracking is a nightmare. Moreover If your IPD isn’t 64 then you will have blurry vision and headaches. The only game that is worth playing on PSVR is RE7, and also Far Point. Other than that you have everything you need on PCVR.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            funny, I don’t have any problems with the tracking….

          • M0rph3u5

            I dont know what’s funny when everyone knows that the PSVR weakest point is its controllers tracking. It’s not rocket science: one camera= rubbish tracking (let alone the dated light tracking in comparison to IR tracking of Rift/Vive). Besides you won’t probably realize that until you use a PC VR.

          • Andrew Jakobs

            I also have PCVR, yes it’s better, but Move is not that bad, and with PS4 its’ dual camera’s, not single like with the PS3 was. And how is light tracking different from IR, it’s exactly the same principle, it creates a dot which is tracked, one is in human visual spectrum, the other isn’t, nothing more nothing less.. If you really think IR tracking is really different from move tracking, than you really have no idea how it actually works.. Only advantage of the vive/Rift tracking is that is has more than one dot to track.. Maybe you just have too much shiny objects in your room or too much light, but even with the PS3, the move tracking is pretty good, even if it also has a bright projector bulb in vision…

          • M0rph3u5

            Your reply really shows that you are clueless about how VR works, starting with the “dual camera” of PS4 and thenumber of “dots” patter. I am not even going to comment at the “shiny objects” assumption

          • Andrew Jakobs

            Funny, because that’s exactly how I think about you… the PS4 is using it’s stereo camera for better tracking compared to the PS3 single camera. And with both move and Rift tracking, it’s actually tracking the dots, nothing more nothing less (Vive tracking is different). And because both the rift and move tracking is using those ‘dots’ for tracking, shiny object which reflect the move light for instance, does have impact on the tracking. Just like the reflection on shiny objects of the lighthouse beam can impact the tracking.. But hee, according to you tracking is done completely different..
            Yes you are right that with the move tracking with the PS4 camera occlusion can be a bigger problem.

  • Alex

    So you just point & click in preset designated spots? That’s worse than even free teleport locomotion. They should have just used one move and one navcon so you can have an analog stick to move around with. I was hyped for this but if it’s so on-rails, meh.

    • Gonzax

      It’s the only decent thing you can do with those crappy controllers, not the devs fault. We knew about it from day one, anyway.
      I think they did a great job, even with fixed points it makes you feel like it’s you moving. I will probably get this, I haven’t touched my PSVR since I bought my Rift over 2 years ago.

    • Graham

      Don’t disagree with your point that greater freedom of movement would be cool but the set teleport points have been know about and reported on these sites for a long time – so not sure why you’re surprised? Personally I’m waiting to see the reviews first before just dismissing it out of hand.

    • Alex

      Sorry I don’t follow every game religiously I guess? I noticed it this time, in some other trailers it’s not clear it’s so on rails.

  • Thunk

    “Let’s put a strip club in this gritty underworld game”
    Anita Sarkeesian types who run PlayStation/SIE in California: “No.”

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Looks like a very fun game.. Wonder if it supports the aimcontroller..