If you were skeptical about the $40 price tag on Sony’s latest PSVR exclusive, Blood & Truth (2019), the company has some good news: you can now play a healthy slice of the game for free starting today.

Sony says in a blog post that players will get to infiltrate an enemy compound, engage in an intense rooftop shootout and take part in a car chase—something the studio calls a “gameplay-heavy slice” of the game.

We gave the full game a solid [8.5/10] in our review for its strong gunplay coupled with its thoughtful, high-octane story that truly makes you feel like you’re in action hero ripped from the silver screen.

And while we finished the game in around four hours, Sony’s London Studio is actually getting ready to push out a new update for July 25th that they say includes some “fun post-game extras.”

We aren’t sure what those are yet, but it’s only a few more days away.

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