Borderlands 2 VR is headed to PSVR next month, but PC VR headset owners are undoubtedly curious to know if Gearbox’s massive hit shooter will eventually make it to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive too. According to short message in new promo video, Sony is confirming that Borderlands 2 VR is a timed exclusive, giving it at very least a five month minimum on the PSVR platform.

The video (linked below) was published by PlayStation Europe and flashes a small subtitle for a few brief seconds reading “Borderlands 2 VR is exclusive to PS VR for a minimum of 5 months from launch.”

Image courtesy Sony

Borderlands 2 VR is slated to launch on PSVR December 14th, putting a hypothetical PC VR launch date as early as May 14th, 2019.

While neither Gearbox nor publisher 2K Games have publicly made a PC VR launch certain, if the game follows in Skyrim VR’s (2017) footsteps we could see day-one support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and possibly even Windows VR headsets. Skyrim VR first launched on PSVR back in November 2017, releasing just shy of five months later on Steam for Rift and Vive.

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That said, it’s a pretty rare occurrence when larger publishers openly admit to timed platform exclusivity, especially with such a specific time frame. Whatever the case may be, PC VR headset owners can at least circle a date in their calendars now to start salivating over the prospect of stepping into the dusty boots of the game’s four Vault Hunters and hanging out with Claptrap.


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  • It’s going to be a long wait till May/June.

    • A VR Enthusiastic

      It is a blink of eye compared to waiting for next generation HMDs. :)

  • Adrian Meyer

    I always thought it would, still waiting for RE7.

    • HomeAudio

      Exactly! No option for BL2 on PC!

      Very smillar situation with No Man’s Sky – developers made questionnaire about what people will want.. there was a lot of votes for VR… and everything is quiet from that time.

    • HybridEnergy

      Just use VorpX, RE7 doesn’t have motion controls even on the PSVR. It’s literally the Effin same thing.

      • david vincent

        VorpX was okay when VR games were very few. And it’s far to be free.

  • GarynTX

    From what I could see, It looks like you wont be able to move the gun independently. Like you’ll be aiming with your head. Also I saw nowhere in the demo of the guy playing it where there was more than 3dof. Definitely going to sit this one out.

    • jj

      maybe put some effort in before voicing your terribly uneducated opinion…

      guns move independent.
      head aiming would NEVER work.
      the demo and not this short thing, clearly shows more than 3dof.
      please sit this one out cause i dont want people as shallow minded as you influencing the vr industry.

      • kool

        I think he’s talking about ds4 mode which which doesn’t have any tracking for your hands and uses your head to aim like re7. Chill with the arrogance SMH.

        • jj

          …you know where on a vr forum right? nobody’s going to just know hes talking about controller style vs motion controls unless he says so, because generally we talk in terms of motion controls since that is the highly dominant mode for vr.

          How would anybody know hes talking about ds4 mode? and if he was, which he wasnt’t btw, he wouldn’t be talking about independent gun movement. movement like that wouldn’t even be an issue because its not even possible with a controller.

          this isnt 2016, motion controllers are the main input for vr not ds4 mode. So to make direct comments about an irrelevant mode without saying thats what your talking about will clearly always lead to confusion.

          The big confusion comes from reporters and BL devs themselves. they have articles saying there’s the ds4 controller mode and then in this video you can clearly see the articulation of individual weapons as well as the shooting in different directions aside from just forward. People are reading the articles about the controller mode as if its not just a mode and how it is.

          • kool

            Dude it’s a forum for a psvr game a lot of us on here are psvr gamers, so this conversation went over your head. You can have independent gun movement with the ds4 that’s what the light on the front is for lol, firewall does it. Also there are plenty of games that use ds4 Wipeout, astrobot and Moss come to mind. There is alot more going on in VR than you think, you may want to consider that before blasting some poor shmo on a different device.

          • jj

            no, now its a vr game that launching early on psvr. thats a tremendous difference than a psvr game.
            what do you mean the light on the front allows for independent gun movement? are you talking about the playstation wands?? cause i was talking about duel wielding and having full control as well as being able to move the controller in 6dof.

            Notice how wipeout is a racing game, while moss and astro are 3rd person viewed platformer games. again tremendously different than an fps. I know whats going on in vr, maybe you should turn ur brain on before commenting and actually think about the context of the topic and not just focus on the mindset of someone whos misinformed.

          • kool

            Mybad how dare I think people would talk about ps controls on an article about a ps game. The ds4 has light on it so you move your head and aim with the controller independently. This game probably won’t have that, which is why he was talking about it.

          • jj

            you mean an article on a VR game thats not a psvr game its just launching on psvr early? Sry i thought we were talking vr and not basic gaming. hence the title road toVR not road to playstation

            have a video of the ds4 light thing in action cause either i’ve never heard of that or im misunderstanding what it really is and i’d love to give you credit for teaching me something!

          • kool

            Psvr is far from basic!

          • jj

            WHAT!? yupp i’ll eat my shorts, i didnt know about that feature at allllllllllll. mind blown for me on that aspect. but still doesn’t compare to motion controls :p

          • Nick Wallace

            You really need to chill out jj, no need for that sort of condescension, this is “Road to VR”, he’s not exactly “Influencing the vr community”, anyone in the community already knows what’s up and you can always chime in and help others with information without being a dick.

            “Hey Garyn, checked out some footage and pretty sure the weapons are tracked independently from the head, which video did you see that showed that?”

            See, same thing but without sounding like a pretentious asshole.

    • HybridEnergy

      In that case I already played Borderlands 2 before PSVR, on the VorpX as what’s the difference with out 6dof controls? I mean it’s just stereoscopic 3d with head movement at that point. lol

  • Luke

    give us also resident evil 7 pc vr please

  • HybridEnergy

    For me motion controls is a must. Specially wireless now. It’s why I never gave a damn about RE7 coming to PCVR, with no motion controls which is what it would probably arrive like there is no difference between the VORPX experience…just get that. Motion controls or bust. No thanks to subnautica, no thanks to RE7, no thanks to Alien Isolation if I don’t have hands I don’t have presence. So most like no thanks to Borderlands 2.

    • antonio mora

      Latest MotherVR update supports motion controllers.
      Alien Isolation is fantastic in VR and now is even better.

      • HybridEnergy

        ….what?! ……what?! ….. why has no one said this or mentioned this elsewhere!? damn it!

        Thanks you! I know what I’m doing tonight!

      • HybridEnergy

        Unfortunately after checking the mod out it looks to be just gamepad controls mapped to the wands/rift motion controls. There is still no “holding” and “aiming” with the motion controls, damn you, you got me too excited too early lol, but the mod maker mentioned:

        controller-relative aiming (later)

        That it is coming :)

        • NooYawker

          ohhhh.. damn. I got hyped up too.

      • NooYawker

        What?? I did not know this. I have to check the latest update.

    • NooYawker

      That’s a really good point about RE7 and motion controls. I keep wishing for RE7 but it would suck without motion controls.

      • antonio mora

        I wouldn’t care if I had to use a NES controller to play it as long it is true VR.
        On PC!

        • NooYawker

          I mean I’d still buy it. But it won’t be nearly as good or immersive without motion controlling.

  • Christopher Logan

    Studios that continue to put out VR titles as exclusives are doing a disservice to the platform in general. No one in their right mind with a PC VR setup is going to buy a PSVR to play a game like this on that and If anything, it would be the opposite as console gamers liking the VR experience want to get an upgraded setup. If they want VR to succeed you need to get your biggest games on ALL platforms. It’s becoming as ridiculous as games on consoles, do they think we’re going to buy 3-4 different headsets in order to cover all the games coming out? Just because it’s timed doesn’t mean it will come out on all the headsets, it’s just a dirty word that means “we getting paid son”. They don’t care if VR lives or dies, just like 3D. It’s easier for them if it doesn’t because studios will just go back to making non-VR games. VR will live and breathe on how studios handle games, just like 3D did and how did that turn out?

    • kool

      I know it sucks with timed exclusives, but it’s the only some devs will even consider VR. I don’t think this game has a full team working on it. Just a small crew doing a VR port. So they worked out the hardest version first then clean it up for PC after it’s done. Its smarter to release the version with the biggest audience first then port it.

      • jj

        As a vr game developer myself, i can say that this is not the ideal way to approach this. If you know its going to be on other systems, you prepare for that as soon as possible and from the very beginning if possible. Creating it for one system with the plan to quickly just port it to the other is the equivalent of carrying water in a holy bucket. You want things to be made to work not patched and edited to work because there will always be bugs for that case. there’s not arguing this i know it for a fact, however maybe they did chose to do this and that really sheds light on how they operate as a company. Basically to port a game instead of just building it parallel, when you know you’re going to be on that system, is a widely known mistake to avoid. :)

        but i do think you were right about not a full team working on it

      • Andrew Jakobs

        It’s being developed on PC for the PS4..

        • kool

          The PS4 is a PC..

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Yeah, maybe not, but if you already own a PSVR then you propably will buy it for your PSVR rather than waiting another 5-6 months. You can say what you like, but games do sell hardware.. and it might actually bring some people over to PSVR (except they should have released this information BEFORE black friday)..

  • Cat of Many Faces

    i love borderlands and would loooove to get it on my Vive

  • PJ

    Needs coop for me to interested, but this a great move more devs should port older titles to vr. Take note EA and Activision

    • Pablo C

      Are you sure we wont be able to coop?

      • PJ

        The PSVR is strictly single player, at least that’s what I’ve read

  • NooYawker

    Still hoping for RE7. I know, I know.. it most likely will remain a PSVR exclusive, but one can still hope.

  • doug

    Thanks, Gearbox! Clearing my calendar for June, 2019 now…