Bowshooter Adventure ‘Apex Construct’ Launches on PSVR Today, Coming to Vive & Rift March 20th


Apex Construct (2018), the single player bow-shooting action adventure from indie studio Fast Travel Games, is now available on PlayStation VR. The game, which takes you to a strikingly beautiful post-apocalyptic world, is slated to release on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows VR headsets March 20th.

As the only remaining human on the planet, you’re dropped into a world where two powerful AIs are locked in a drawn-out conflict. Promising secret areas and plenty of puzzles, your ultimate aim is to figure out why life went extinct.

Using a bow and shield, you fend off the world’s ambling predatory robots, the results of mankind’s reckless experiments.

The control scheme includes the choice of teleportation, or direct movement with smooth turning options. Fast Travel says the main campaign should take upwards to 5 hours, which will take you to places like pre-apocalyptic research stations, underground caves and parts of an old city.

First revealed at Paris Games Week (PGW) last year, Apex Construct is the Stockholm-based Fast Travel Games’ first-ever title. The studio was founded in 2016 by former creators of franchises such as the Battlefield franchise and Mirror’s Edge.

Check out Apex Construct on PSN for PSVR and Steam  for Vive & Rift.

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  • HoriZon

    Looks very good when we getting a review?

  • oompah

    Even ‘No man’s sky’ looked beautiful
    before release

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