Ahead of its launch last month, PSVR exclusive Bravo Team looked like a promising VR FPS, bringing PS Aim support and a fully cooperative campaign to the table. But critic and player reactions turned out to be overwhelmingly negative. Speaking with Eurogamer, anonymous sources from the studio behind the game explained how the ambitious title turned into a flop.

Speaking “under condition of anonymity to protect their jobs,” staff from Bravo Team developer Supermassive Games claimed their team was understaffed for the scope that studio leadership wanted to achieve. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips reports:

“We had fewer resources than promised,” one person told me. “It felt like we would fail, and mock reviews in September confirmed this independently. But the delay from November to March didn’t help because the sole focus was frame rate and most of the team were moved off. This ‘optimisation’ work made the game worse than when we had the mock reviews – we stripped visual effects, reduced enemy numbers, lost behaviour and inserted loading screens.” “The team was begging for change,” another person told me, “more resource or reduced scope, and no action was taken. And then it was, and everything needed to be torn to shreds.”

The internal issues shown clearly in the outcome; Eurogamer gave the game an ‘Avoid’ rating, titling their analysis: “Bravo Team review – an astonishingly bad VR shooter from a team that should know better.” Our own review gave the game a 5 out of 10, citing a “paper thin narrative,” and “limited number of weapons [which] do little to mix up the monotony.” Metacritic’s averaged score of 35 reviews (including ours) gives the game a 4.5 out of 10.

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In Phillips’ Eurogamer report, a statement from Supermassive Games CEO Pete Samuels addressed reactions to Bravo Team and promised that a patch is in the works:

We were disappointed by the reception to Bravo Team at launch. Since then we have been reviewing all the feedback and have been working on a patch to address a number of the issues raised. We plan to release this in the near future. Our number one priority is to satisfy fans and create compelling gaming experiences. We were thrilled by the response to Until Dawn and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and this compelled us as a studio to move forward with a number of projects exploring different concepts, skills and techniques. We have learned a lot from these experiences, and will be putting all of these learnings into practice as we refocus the team and move on to new projects. As a studio we appreciate all the feedback we receive from fans – both good and bad – and we’re all hugely excited about the future.

So far we have no details on when the patch will come or what it might include, but it’s doubtful that anything short of a complete revamp could do much to change the game’s fundamental flaws.

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  • impurekind

    Sounds like a bunch of high-ups screwed them over. Here’s hoping they can atone and fix the damage–and prove that was in fact the case and not just bad work.

    • Alexisms

      Indeed. Like we can shove this out and the VR community will buy anything.

    • ummm…

      he is even attempting to sell us on some new experiences with what appears to be an immediate sequel, all the while pretending that their priorities are straight. ugh, disgusting. how dumb are we? corporate language works for morons, and this moron just got slightly smarter.

  • SpideyRules

    Never been so happy to have fought to cancel a preorder in my life…

  • Sven Viking

    It does sound as if it was badly mismanaged, though I’m not sure all of the more arcade-style features suggested by the anonymous devs would have solved the problems. Perhaps they could have come to a compromise by suggesting the in-world soldiers were wearing an AR device that provided some HUD information, like ammo info overlaid on guns when you look at them?

    • benz145

      I agree, it sounds like the things that management was asking of them weren’t bad things per say, they just didn’t have the team to pull it off.

  • LetsBeReal

    Never look promising to begin with. There are countless other VR shooters on PC that is better than this. Shame PSVR get the short end of the stick

    • dapaintrain

      There’s countless shooters on the psvr that are better than this i don’t think psvr got screwed over at all.

      • ummm…

        i hope.

  • brubble

    Wow dick move to maximize potential profits and the cost is a tarnished rep for everyone and a permanent black smear and big loss of revenue on this title (patch or not) by way of piss poor reviews. Glad to see the team speak out to rightfully defend themselves. CEO Pete Samuels generic cut and paste bullshit response is pathetic. How long has this fool been doing this? Not long enough apparently.

    • ummm…

      sounds like he has been doing it long enough to know that we are all mindless consumers…….fool me once, shame on you…….fool me twice……..i wont get fooled again……

  • Raphael

    Management worthy of EA accolade.

  • Oli Norwell

    It’s a strange situation, I think Rush Of Blood was such a success (perhaps unexpected?), that someone misjudged what resources it would take to build on that base and create the Bravo Team game design. What makes it all the more frustrating is that Sony are bundling it with the Aim controller, when (the patched) Arizona Sunshine would leave a lot more consumers satisfied I think.

  • Skippy76

    Thats what you get for buying a PSVR.
    Real roomscale vr doesnt disapoint! Plus you can refund pieces of crap games with zero fuss!

    • ummm…

      ummmmmm…….not helping. im a vive user. what do you use? maybe i should laugh at you. dont have a vive pro? maybe i should laugh at you.

  • Cdaked

    And the “little” problem of enemies crossing each other without firing? Should not they be able to stop and enter first-person mode or get back?

  • ummm…

    he inserted a plug for their next train wreck, as well as demonstrating that they are just moving on – AS WELL as pretending as if their priorities were great to begin with. sorry homeslices…..your devs ratted you out. and im glad that they did. my only hope is that they find a job at another company that can at least offer them a place to ply their trade with dignity. i can’t believe he tried to sell us on another pile of poop and its ancillary project as they are burning.


    that’s too bad this was one of the most upcoming promising titles. Can’t wait till we get a true AAA title. I even expect Respawn to just give us a tech demo.

  • Graham

    Any news on the patch?