Neat Corporation announced their stealth robot-killing game Budget Cuts (2018) is getting a special update today that is putting four new ‘arcade’ levels into the base game.

Update (February 14th, 2019): Budget Cuts today receives the previously teased ‘Arcade Mode’, which brings four new levels to the game. The special mode comes free to all owners of the game, and puts a clear focus on replayability, replete with local leaderboards and collectibles in each level. In the today’s update, story mode’s ‘Extra’ difficulty level is now also “a bit more difficult,” the studio says in a Steam news post.

Original Article (November 9th, 2018): In a Steam news post, developer Linnéa Harrison says the studio has been thinking about how to make Budget Cuts easier to pick up and play, something the 5+ hours story doesn’t easily provide.

The arcade version is said to come with four “entirely new levels and missions,” Harrison says. The best bit—owners of Budget Cuts will receive the new arcade levels for free.

There’s no word on when the Arcade version is coming (see update), and Neat Corp is staying tight-lipped on the specifics.

If haven’t had a chance to play (or want to waste some time while you wait), check out our in-depth review of Budget Cuts to see what makes it tick and why we gave it an impressive [9.2/10].

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  • PJ

    Excellent, this game is really good, not quite the VR blockbuster it was hyped up to be from the demo years ago, but it’s still a must have VR title, more Budget Cuts the better, hopefully we see a full sequel too

    • jj

      yeah it was way over hyped for me, when it finally came out there were so many better games and experiences that i didnt care to play budget cuts… kinda wish i had held off tbh

      • Charles

        I don’t get why this game gets so much press. I played the early version of the game like a year or two ago, and I thought it was a solid “meh”.