The big Oculus Rift Summer Sale may be officially over, which saw the Rift + Touch bundle temporarily slashed from $600 to $400 for a limited time, but for some reason the US Amazon site hasn’t reverted yet to the new $500 price tag, making now the very last time you’ll be able to get the deal.

Update (09/05/17 – 12:15PM ET): The deal appears to be gone now, as has changed their pricing to match the $500 default price.

Amazon is likely to correct this sometime today, as every world-wide Amazon site has done so including other official distributors.

Oculus Rift on Amazon [Amazon]

[Amazon] Image courtesy Oculus

Oculus already extended their Summer Sale by “a few weeks,” but only announced a few days ago that the sale would come to an end right before midnight of the 4th, leaving many high and dry waiting without the extra funds to finally pull the trigger on the incredibly priced deal.

What’s in the Box


No Longer Included:

  • Xbox One Gamepad
  • Xbox One Wireless Adapter
  • Oculus Remote
  • USB Extension Cable
  • Rock Band VR Guitar Adapter for Touch

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  • Chris7

    They chose the exact price of 399 for a reason

    • David Herrington

      And that reason is?

      • Dllemm

        The market is about to be flooded with $400 Windows VR headsets with higher specs. Mixed reality, inside out tracking vs external sensors, 1440×1440 per eye vs 1080×1200. It’s suicide to higher than $400 much longer.

        • Paul Karaffa

          I looked into the pricing. The sub-$400 costs of the new headsets DO NOT include the input controllers or audio integrated. Those are another $100. So the cost for them is about $450. So Oculus is $50 more but comes with loads of free content, integrated headphones, touch controllers, better all-around hardware, and a much larger user base. I don’t think Oculus is off base here.

          • Dllemm

            If they’re within $50-100 of each other, to the victor goes the spoils. It looks like the next couple of months will be a great time to get into VR.

          • Luke

            does the microsoft mixed reality HMDs have the built in microphone?

          • Paul Karaffa

            I don’t know but I doubt it.

          • Meow Smith

            No i don’t think so, if its true its a rather strange decision on their part if they are so keen on making their “MIXED!!” VR headsets appeal to non gamers as well.

  • NooYawker

    The Amazon pricing bot was just slow to adjust. If you missed it, it’s over. Maybe when it gets closer to Christmas they’ll do a blow out sale.

    • Dllemm

      Wait for mixed reality headsets from Microsoft in October. Oculus will be last gen tech and prices will drop.

      • Andrew Jakobs

        Sorry, but the mixed reality headsets are not nextgen, both vive and oculus tracking is superior, FOV is superior.. I’d rather have a larger FOV than a slightly higher resolution.

        • Dllemm

          The new headsets will have 14% worse FOV but 35% more pixels than current gen. 95 degrees is unfortunate, but in the ballpark of the best selling PSVR at 100.

          • Luke

            If you have this info can you tell me if Microsoft Mixed Feality FOV is 95° diagonal or horizontal please?

  • TwistedAdonis

    Still £399 on UK Amazon.

    • Luke

      498 now :(

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Oculus should have stayed with the $399 price, if it was the old set than I would say ‘ok’ $499 is still a bit steap, but you’ll also get a lot extra for it. Now with the stripped down version I don’t think $499 is a good price (yes compared to the vive it still is better, but slightly, as most people will buy the third sensor anyway, so making it closer to the vive).

    • Get Schwifty!

      If it was just hardware I would fully agree – you get such a rich software package now it’s still a very good deal for someone just now getting into VR though.