While Oculus had a robust day-one launch lineup of more than 50 titles back when Touch initially dropped in December of last year, owning an Oculus Rift + Touch grants you more titles than ever with unfettered access to at least seventeen pieces of spectacular free content.

There are gads of free games and experiences available on the Oculus Store to keep you busy for a while before you start dropping real cash, but before you get to downloading, take a look at some of the best free content Oculus has bootstrapped to Rift + Touch.

First Contact (free for all Touch owners)

First Contact is Oculus’ introduction for new Touch owners, similar in scope to Oculus Dreamdeck for the Rift itself. It’s a short demo-like experience that immediately follows the controller configuration and tutorial. In it, you’ll find yourself in a retro-future setting in the presence a friendly robot. It’s no Toybox, but the beautifully rendered and detailed experience will have you playing with plenty of toys as you learn how the controllers let you naturally interact with the virtual environment.

Dead and Buried (free for all Touch owners)

Dead and Buried is a multiplayer-focused Touch shooter featuring versus and co-op gameplay for up to four players all wielding badass weaponry in the game’s supernatural-western style. The title was developed in-house by Oculus.

Preview: 'Dead & Buried' Action Packed Multiplayer Could be the Killer App Oculus Touch Needs

Oculus Medium (free for all Touch owners)

Another first-party app from Oculus, Medium lets you sculpt 3D content in real time, as if you were shaping virtual clay. The program is more of a tool than a game, but gives users a way to create truly unique works of art inside of VR.

'Oculus Medium' Review

Oculus Quill (free for all Touch owners)

Another first-party creation-focused app from Oculus, Quill is more about illustration and storytelling than Medium which is more focused on 3D modeling. Quill was created by Oculus Story Studio, the company’s VR film division, as the visual foundation behind Dear Angelica (below). Quill looks similar to the Tilt Brush, though Oculus says the app is about illustrative storytelling, so we hope to find tools included which make it easy to form a narrative out of the VR sketches.

Oculus Story Studio Creative Director on 'Quill', an Immersive Storytelling Tool

Robo Recall (free for all Touch owners)

Epic Games is turning their much-praised Touch demo, Bullet Train, into a full title, Robo Recall, that was released for free to Touch owners in Q1 2017. It it you’ll be looking to “recall” “damaged” robots run amok, using an array of satisfying weaponry and fun mechanics like being able to rip robots limb from limb and throw their own bullets back at them.

Watch: 12 Minutes of 'Robo Recall' Gameplay with Oculus Touch

Toybox (free to all Touch owners)

Toybox is a multiplayer sandbox with lots of interactive virtual toys to play with. It was a tech demo that Oculus showed off more than a year ago during their debut of Touch. The demo saw lots of good feedback and although Oculus hadn’t given us any hints on what had become of it, the company just recently confirmed it would come free with Touch.

Lucky’s Tale (free for all Rift owners)

Playful’s Lucky’s Tale is a lovable 3D platformer that follows Lucky, a cartoon fox on his adventures to find his lost pig who was stolen from him by an evil tentacled monster. Run, jump, climb, and tail-swipe all of the world’s enemies (even if they’re so darned cute).

Farlands (free for all Rift owners)

Farlandsa production directly from Oculus Studios, is basically Pokémon Snap for the VR age. Letting you collect biometric data on a swath of weird and wild aliens, there’s a lot to love about this family-friendly freebee.

Henry (free for all Rift owners)

Speaking of family-friendly, Oculus Story Studios (now shuttered) created one of the most lovable little hedgehogs in their Pixar-esque short Henry. Don’t underestimate this magical little romp that follows the hard-to-hug Henry on his quest for friendship, because Henry was lauded with the first ever Emmy awarded to a virtual reality film.

Lost (free for all Rift owners)

image courtesy Oculus

Another cinematic VR film from the now defunct Oculus Story Studios, Lost places you in a dark, mysterious forest where something lurks. We won’t spoil it any more than Oculus has by putting a picture of the giant robot on the download page, but the immensity of the creature alongside the loneliness of the forest is certainly something to experience first-hand.

Dear Angelica (free for Rift owners)

The third and final VR film from Oculus Story Studio, Dear Angelica, is a journey through the magical and dreamlike ways we remember our loved ones. Entirely painted by hand inside of VR, Dear Angelica plays out in a series of memories that unfold around you. An immersive, illustrative short story starring Geena Davis and Mae Whitman.

Facebook Spaces (free for Rift owners)

Facebook Spaces is a new take on social VR, and functions more like a Facebook VR-chat than an open digital free-for-all. Launched back in April, Spaces has everything you’d expect; an avatar customization tool, virtual selfies uploaded directly to your Facebook timeline. You can even make video calls from within VR to the outside world.

Dragon Front (free for all Rift owners)

Dragon Front by High Voltage is an immersive collectible card-battler that mixes high fantasy with World War II on a 4×4 grid battlefield. Alive with rampaging giants, intimidating war-machines, and soaring projectiles, you can play in single-player story mode, and multiplayer with head-tracking and VOIP that brings players from all over the world head-to-head on the battlefield. Like most collectible card games, there are in-app purchases to watch out for, but the base card decks provide plenty of fun at the very manageable price of zero dollars.

Oculus Video (free for all Rift owners)

image courtesy Oculus

Watching videos in your own private cinema is a movie-lover’s dream. No coughing, popcorn-munching, talking, plastic-crinkling allowed in Oculus Video, which lets you watch Facebook 360 videos, Twitch, Vimeo, and your own movie files. You can choose from multiple VR theater environments including in a home theater, on a phone in the forest, and even the surface of the moon.

Oculus 360 Photos (free for all Rift owners)

image courtesy Oculus

The official 360 Photos app from Oculus will take you on a tour of amazing sights from around the world. View VR panoramas of breathtaking landscapes, ancient landmarks, dazzling cityscapes, underwater vistas, and much more.

Ripcoil (free with any Store purchase)

In Sanzaru Game’s Ripcoil, you enter a futuristic gladiatorial arena packed with rabid fans as you face off against networked opponents in a disc throwing duel. A wholly unique navigation system will allow you to deftly position your hover board as you reach out with your Touch controllers to launch, catch and punch the speeding, spinning Ripcoil disc.

Echo Arena (coming soon, free for all Touch owners)

Echo Arenalaunching on July 20th, feels like a hybrid between Ultimate Frisbee and Rocket League. In the game’s zero-G environment, you boost around using your hand-mounted jets, push off of the arena’s structure and punch in heads as you grapple for the game’s singular disc. Toss it into the goal and you’ve scored a point. It’s a simple formula with high-speed but super comfortable controls—surely one of the first great VR sports games.

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  • Can’t wait to play with Touch during Christmas vacations!

    • Rogue_Transfer

      First Contact is a great introduction(Oculus software pre-downloaded it already in the background) – the gestures are fun with the Vive wands too, via Revive.

  • Me

    What the distribution model ? Codes to redeem, hardware check, free on the oculus store but unplayable without touch, something else ? I’m curious to know, especially sinice apparently some Vive users could already have a taste of the touch apps with revive.

    • ShiftyInc

      My guess would be the same as they did with the rift preorder games. So that would be code via email.

    • Get Schwifty!

      Almost guaranteed to be done with codes. The only other way I can think of would be sensing (and binding by serial code) the controllers to your account but that is fraught with abuse potential.

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      Lucky’s Tale was a nice gift for Revive users. I hope they won’t make that mistake again, and deliver codes. I am all for compatibility between headsets, but exclusivity on free goodies as well. HTC didn’t offer me Tilt Brush or Fantastic Contraption, so why should Oculus give anything to non Oculus clients ?

      • DoubleD

        There are plenty of free games on Steam that require tracked controllers.
        Like Waltz of the Wizard and the Lab (which I am sure you will be able to play with Oculus once the Touch is released)

        Why do you actively want to deny an other group of people not getting the same free things you got?
        Is it to feel justified in choosing your specific platform?

        • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

          I guess Toybox will be available for any headset + VR controller. First Contact already is. And I really don’t mind. It’s kind of The Lab but for Oculus. Perfect to discover a new tool, it has little content and replayability, That’s why it’s called a demo, not a game. Surely fun but wouldn’t have paid for it, not more than 5 bucks.

          Now don’t start comparing Waltz of the Wizard with Robo recall or Dead and Burried.And vast majority of free demos on Steam, are produced by indie devs. So if it’s a gift, it’s not from HTC or Valve.

          Once again, HTC didn’t offer me Fantastic Contraption, or Tilt Brush as a welcome pack for any new VR user, HTC client or not. I don’t feel I was denied anything, ( I can still buy them ) as I didn’t expect them to, nor do I expect Oculus to offer polished games to Vive users.

          “Is it to feel justified in choosing your specific platform?”
          200 euros is a steep price, games that come with Touch are not “free”. It’s a bundle. But if those games are offered to anyone, it reduces the value of the offer. So, yes, you could say that it justifies choosing my specific platform : that’s the all point of a bundle !!.

  • B mill

    Damn, this is going to be one of the best bundles I’ve ever purchased. I can’t wait to get my hands on Medium!

    • Firestorm185

      same, dude! Medium looks sweet!

  • James Friedman

    Wish it released today. Would like to show family these

  • dashmaul
    • Craig Murphie

      This. I’d love to play around in the Toybox with my son.

  • Ned Hoon

    Looking forward to Robo Recall but The Unspoken and Dead n Buried were a massive bonus when I heard each were included at launch for free.I would have gone $40 for each of these 3 titles which knocks $120 off the price of Touch.Then subtract the price of the included extra sensor and Touch is costing me about $10 at the end of the day.

  • Aaron Hillaker

    And people say 200 dollars is ridiculous. Maaaaan we get 7 pieces of software too. 5 Games, 2 art programs, that’s like at least 100 bucks right there. At least. And Toybox. Like. 200 bucks? Worth it.

  • cefizelj gnom

    That’s some bundle. Props to Oculus.

  • GX Studio

    I’m stoked!

  • Laurent Bischoff

    Any news about “The Lab” release by Valve ? thx

  • LukeXtreme

    I have to say that this bundle is really good value for money, the games look polished and are plenty of. As a Vive Pre owner I am looking forward multiplatform multiplayer so we can all have a good fun no matter which set we go for.

    • Ned Hoon

      I agree I hope I can interact with Vive owners inside Toybox.

  • LukeXtreme

    Laurent, The Lab is amazing, I think you can get it working using those steps but I dunno if that supports the controllers. http://www.roadtovr.com/how-to-use-oculus-rift-with-steamvr-play-games-install-support-non-vr-games-desktop-theather-mode/

    • Get Schwifty!

      It does, but you don’t get hands unfortunately….

  • Trip

    Hey guys, My Touch is shipped and arriving tomorrow! So far I got a code for just VR Sports and Unspoken and no mention of the other games listed here being included. Also some of them are for sale on Oculus Home. Anyone know what the deal is? Dead and Buried, Robo Recall, Medium, and Quill are some of my “most wanted” touch apps.

    • The other free titles should unlock on your Home account when you first pair the new controllers.

    • Kris Bunch

      Just setup your touch. Then go to your Library and look at uninstalled. All the free titles are listed there. In addition to the free titles I would suggest “Space Pirate Trainer”. I think it is $10 bucks, but well worth the money. Wave shooter that I spend hours playing, and sweating!

      As for maybe a more expensive game, Star Trek Bridge Crew is awesome along with Mage Tale. Welcome to Oculus. You won’t regret your purchase.

  • staldi

    Do you know how to get these games? Like robo recall? I ve bought the touch controllers after the rift, but i cant find them for free. Anyone?

    • The free titles should unlock on your account when you first pair the Touch controllers. If that didnt happen just open a support ticket and they will sort it out.

  • The “Brian, from Oculus” thumbnail for Medium always makes me think its some weird VR version of this:


  • Josh

    And now it’s $399 for Rift + Touch.

  • impurekind

    See what I’m saying. . . .

    Getting a Rift +Touch for $399 now, which also includes a free Xbox One controller, a remote, three tracking sensors, and even a Rock Band VR guitar connector too, plus those 17 games/experiences above (and possibly even more if the promotion where you get $100 of store credit is still available on whatever sites), many of which are genuinely great, is just an amazing deal all-round.

    If fact, it probably works out to be the best value and overall deal of the main three VR headsets right now (in all kinds of ways, not just price).

  • Firestorm185

    Just a note for the author, now that we know Arena will only be free for the first 3 months, you may want to update this list to say so (especially since it was linked in the 500$ Rift bundle article.) Thx!

  • Dan VR

    What’s the basketball game from the main image?

    • hl

      I think that is VR Sports Challenge (Sanzaru) — basketball