Oculus has given the Rift & Touch their biggest discount yet: $400 to get you both the Rift headset and the Touch controllers, and a slew of bundled content. The company now confirms they’ll be ending the sale on September 4th, making it your last chance to get the headset and controller bundle before it returns to the new price of $500.

Update (9/4/17): Oculus today announced in a blogpost the ending date and time of the ‘Summer of Rift’ sale, which has seen the Rift + Touch bundle slashed to $400. After September 4th PT, the Rift + Touch bundle will return to a new price of $500. The end of sale period has prompted Oculus to do an ‘End of Summer Flash Sale’ on games and apps. We’ve got a breakdown of all the deals in the flash sale.

Update (8/10/17): An Oculus spokesperson confirmed to Road to VR that the company plans to extend the Summer Rift sale by “a few weeks”. The following statement was provided:

Due to high demand, and the resulting switch to the all-in-one Rift+Touch package, Oculus is extending the sale by a few weeks to make sure everyone can take advantage of the Summer of Rift promotion.

The sale was originally said to last six weeks, which would have had the deal ending on or about August 21st.

When the sale started, Oculus was shipping separate Rift and Touch packages (as it had since launch), but part way through the company announced a new Rift + Touch bundle which combines both together into one package and also removes some of the things that came with the former separate packages (like the Xbox One gamepad). When the sale ends, Oculus has announced that the Rift + Touch bundle will be priced at $500 ($100 less than the cost of the separate Rift and Touch packages prior to the sale).

Original Article (7/10/17): At the start of 2017, the Oculus Rift + Touch controllers cost $800, the same as the HTC Vive. Starting today, as part of the ‘Summer of Rift’ sale, the headset and controller bundle is going on sale for just $400 [Amazon], a huge 50% price drop from what you would have paid just six months ago. Oculus had dropped the price to $600 earlier this year, and after the big sale, will be returning the price to $500. A new all-in-one box will be replacing the previous bundle, which shipped in two separate boxes. This new all-in-one box critically excludes the Xbox One controller and Oculus Remote.

In The Box

Here’s everything you’ll be unboxing in the new all-in-one Rift + Touch bundle:

Photo by Road to VR

This price drop comparatively puts the Oculus Rift + Touch in the same range as the latest gen consoles such as the PS4 Pro ($400) and the more expensive Xbox One X ($500). While you’ll still need a capable computer to run the Oculus Rift, you’d be surprised at just how little you can get away with nowadays. It might be as simple as dropping in a low-ish cost NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 into your computer. Check out this handy guide to see if your computer is VR Ready.

Two Ways to Play Non-VR Games With the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive

Helpful Info

Considering jumping on this deal? We’ve got a number of articles you may find useful to make your decision.

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  • sergiohs

    I cannot find the deal, in the oficial web Price is 708Eur ….

    • Apolonius

      If you are from Europe, try to buy in caseking.de

  • Jay degaris

    It is saying $449 here in Australia NOT $399, what horseshit is this. Deceving marketing tactics OCULUS!

    • ethan

      Not sure if your serious, as your reply seems like what a typical troll would type, the exagerrated anger. If you are serious, Its $449 because that includes postage to australia

    • Flikr

      449 aud is 341 usd so you’re all good there.

    • Batapotamus

      $449 US here in Australia. $49 US is postage. All up its $682 Aus with a 3rd sensor delivered. The Vive is selling here for $1400 still at the two major retailers that stock it. $1299 at selected PC stores.

  • impurekind

    Now that is an amazing deal.

  • Me

    Very tempting offer. But when prices start to fall down so quickly there’susually something behind: either sells are tanking, or a new product is on the way soon. Either way it doesn’t feel very reassuring. I could also be wrong, of course, and maybe they’re slowly shifting to another business model, where hardware would only be a means to sell software on their proprietary platform, which would make sense with having the headset price as low as possible.

    • Get Schwifty!

      It’s all about branding for FB and a presence in VR… the games portal and hardware don’t matter ultimately.

    • James Hargis

      No doubt new headsets are on the way but no way are they coming in at that price point. I bet there is an overstock of supply and they are planing on announcing a new headset at the oculus connect in october. Thats all just an educated guess but this makes for a great deal to get friends in to VR. I love my Rift but its pretty lonely. I only have 2 friends that own headset and I bet others dont even have that. So anything to get more people into VR is great. Good on Oculus for making VR as affordable as possible. I have no idea what HTC is thinking trying to still sell Vive at $800 and then expect customers to pay extra for the new headset that it should have came with to begin with and again for TP-link if they want wireless. At $800 it should be coming bundled with that stuff.

      • polysix

        there will be no new rift announced at connect, they’ve said NO NEW RIFT till AT LEAST 2019!
        However they probably WILL announce the final standalone santa cruz retail which is clearly where they will lay their priorities (over rift) going forward cos its easier for them to control drm wise, market wise etc and will bring in some solutions that the rift needs. for me though I’m not interested in standalone/underpowered VR right now. I want PC VR and rift is the no brainer now… personally would prefer GEN 2 asap – wireless, foveated, PSVR or better style ergonomics… but for a stop gap? Rift is the man to beat. I can’t see why anyone would now buy Vive at this stage, either wait for LG steam VR HMD or go MS.. or jump on this rift bargain.

        Only caveat is.. it’s facebook, and most of us detest those bunch of c***s with a passion.

    • polysix


      only retards say ‘sells’ (I know its common in the USA but ffs.. come on). – anyway – i’m an ex vive, psvr, dk2 owner… sold them all, i don’t care why rift is now 400 it just is, and for that price it will bring as much/more fun/use than my dk2 ever did at just a little less and my psvr at a little more. We wont be locked into fbook by this cos it’s cheap enough to dump on ebay come gen 2/vive2/lg etc… no brainer if you want VR now and have a decent pc – rift is the one to get until valve push back with better hardware (ergonomics too) and HTC with price cuts.

    • Get Schwifty!

      It’s about expanding brand…. they’ve never seen the hardware as anything but a means to an end of expanding the FB/Oculus VR presence.

    • theonlyrealconan

      Pimax is coming out with a new version. Others are as well. Don’t believe the “No second version till 2019 nonsense”. Of course they are going to say that.

  • θεός

    Not worth it, Brand new virtual reality headsets are coming within the next 6 months and have better displays.

    • ethan

      Not saying you are wrong, but they will likely cost what the oculus costed when it was brand new so this is cheaper than any ‘2nd gen’ headsets will likely be. (the headsets dfeveloped by MS in partnership with hardware makers aren’t better hardware wise from memory, if they are then you are right

      • polysix

        the ms hmds have some pros and cons over rift… on one hand they may have a bit higher res.. on the other their controller tracking won’t be as robust so may impact gaming.. also i’m sure i read they are using LCD not OLED so will probably have less contrast etc. One area they could kill rift/vive is on using non fresnel lenses (i don’t know if they are?) cos of god rays. LG isn’t using fresnel so is the real interesting one to watch (LG STEAM VR HMD due anytime from 6 – 18 months – but lack of any details means many will jump on rift and LG will lose out unless they speak up soon!)

        • David Herrington

          When I first tried VR, I was like, “this is kinda cool.” But when I picked up my first Vive controller and actually touched something that was in this other world, THAT was when I first felt immersed. Good tracking controllers are a necessity when making a great VR kit.
          MS HMDs will always be subpar in my eyes if they can’t deliver good controllers. HMDs are only half the experience, the rest is physically interacting with your environment.

          • beestee

            You are already breaking that level of immersion if you are not looking at what you are grabbing since the current haptic feedback solutions cannot substitute sense of touch. The level of immersion you are talking about requires multi-sensory input, take away sight and you have to replace it with something else, so MS’s solution is adequate for the same level of immersion.

          • Caven

            No, Microsoft’s solution is not adequate for the same level of immersion. Picking up an object is only one part of the equation. Once you have an object in hand, you still need to be able to interact with it without looking at it. It would be annoying to have to look at your hand just to drop an object, or even worse automatically drop the object because it’s no longer within view. Why should I have to look at a gun to change fire modes or look at a grenade to release the spoon? In the course of playing games like Raw Data or Arizona Sunshine, there have been many cases where I’ve performed an action with an object in hand while I was looking a different direction. Superhot VR even has an achievement for shooting someone you’re not looking at. Something as simple as playing billiards in VR would be impossible if you had to focus on the base of the cue stick instead of on the billiard ball you’re trying to hit. A similar problem would apply with baseball. The movement method I’m working on would be impossible if you had to constantly look at the active controller.

            Even without adequate haptics, there’s a lot that fully tracked controllers can do that forward-facing sensors can’t handle.

    • ShiftyInc

      Seeing that all the companies have said it’s a long way from happening. at least 2 years before you see something new. So no you won’t see something new in 6 months. and even then it will be double the money if not triple.

      • James Hargis

        LG says they have a headset coming out this year that should be a step above the Rift in resolution. Samsung showed off 2k by 2k displays that are specifically built for VR. That was a few months ago now. I would expect a headset with that display no later than first half of 2018.

        • ShiftyInc

          Even if they do release that in the next year, you will be looking at a price tag of around $1000 and nowhere near this $400 price point. Plus those headsets will always be limited by the software. Rift and Vive are currently the dominating headsets on PC. Not many devs will tweak their games to run on the 2k/2k displays right away. plus you will also need a more powerful pc. limiting it even more now.

      • polysix

        A rift for six months to a year at this price is a safe bet, unlike my vive at 800 back then (which I sold) or PSVR at similar price with janky tracking (which I also sold).

        Yes LG and MS are brining out stuff, Oculus said no new HMD for a couple years (rift) BUT they ARE going to release santa cruz standalone prob reveal it fully at OC this year… that’ll have higher res, inside out tracking, wireless due to being standalone.. many will love it BUT many, inc me, don’t want ‘standalone’ esp from facebook who will just lock it down even more than PC VR. So rift is in a real sweet spot right now for impulse or straggler buyers.. or even ex gen 1-ers like myself who’ve sold up but miss the ability to DEV in UE4 or dip in/out of VR while waiting for the great GEN 2 stuff (400 quid is easy to absorb and regain on ebay – while 800 isn’t any longer!).

    • polysix

      It IS worth it because those new devices won’t have the support rift has, the quality of catalog… the cheap MS VR stuff is not really a rift/vive alternative you know! they use LCD not OLEd for a start, and their emphasis is on productivity not gaming, if MS make higher end stuff it’ll also be priced higher than rift currently is. The LG HMD (steam VR) is the one to watch, but again, while it WILL be better than vive/rift it’ll cost far more than rift currently does (unless LG go balls out on pricing to seed their tech). So for now – for a good six months to a year of VR use – the rift is stunning value. I’m prob going to pick one up at this price and i’ve already moaned enough about gen 1 having owned Vive, PSVR and DK2 – and used Rift, but for many at 400 bones it’s a no brainer, esp those new to VR who want to jump in. Sure we all want 4k, wireless, foveated.. but we have zero guarantee they will be with us within a year let alone 6 months. Our best bet is LG but they are being far too quiet…


    This. Competition is good. Now, grab your popcorn and let’s watch all the Oculus haters try to spin this as a BAD thing :)

    • ButtHurt

      As an Oculus owner, if they could sell at this price why didn’t they from the beginning? Now it just makes me feel bad. Especially remembering the ballpark thing.

      Good for everyone else I guess…
      Not sure if my next headset will be from Facebook again.

      • Firestorm185

        I’m super happy for this sale actually, and I also bought everything at full price (had to wait for long shipping and stuff). but for me, I was an early adopter, so the higher price was totally worth it. Now I’m just happy that people with smaller budgets will have the chance to get their hands on it. Means more people will be able to get into VR and more people we’ll be able to play with! ^^

      • Get Schwifty!

        You’re name says it all – are you trolling? Companies can change (and do) prices all the time. Just think of buying gasoline that can change even in a day. Besides, it’s a limited time sale, then prices go back up. Given the head-start in the market Vive has carved out (for good reason), I don’t blame them for taking this tack. I also have a hard time believing that the Zenimax lawsuit isn’t a factor here – maybe unloading hardware that’s an issue denies Zenimax more money, establishes market penetration, and sets up for a revised hardware platform not using elements Zenimax can lay claim to.

        • Mane Vr

          the hardware isn’t the issue in the case it’s the software in the sdk I am sure fb has a team of eng. removing all of the things Zenimax is saying is theirs

      • NooYawker

        Isn’t that the case with any tech. Everything falls in price. This is gen 1 after all.more vr users means more investments for content.

        • Claus Sølvsten

          Not with iphone… still only 25% of price is actual productioncost … rest 75% goes to the 1%ers

          • Get Schwifty!

            Not even but if you like to skew numbers to fit the “1%” story… OTOH, it doesn’t matter. If it costs me to $2 to make a car and people desire it enough I can sell it for 30,000 why shouldn’t they? Stop hating because they are good at creating demand… no one HAS to buy from anyone… except for maybe “Affordable Healthcare”.

          • Claus Sølvsten

            There is no hate in my text ….just numbers:)
            That i hate 1%ers is a different story:)

      • Suitch

        The reason they didn’t sell it cheaper before is because it wasn’t any cheaper to make before. Oculus has been up front about trying to sell as close to COST as possible. They were able to make deals and cut certain corners to make everything cheaper. So far, we haven’t heard any loss in quality so it is nothing but progress. The issue with our perceptions are that no other electronics manufacturer would have passed those savings onto the consumer. Oculus is looking out for the industry and not their wallets. When they had the chance to get VR into the hands of more than the upper-middle class, they took it.

    • David Carter

      Smells like desperation to me. (there, happy now?)

      • CURTROCK

        LOL…yes, thank you

    • Mermado 1936

      Competition is good thats why we hate Oculus.

      • Claus Sølvsten

        I would fight as many rift users as possible in VR or a co-op.

    • David Herrington

      This is great for those who were still on the edge of buying or not. However, for me, you could give me a Rift for free and I probably wouldn’t use it much. I have purchased and used this generation (as most on this site have) and I’m now just waiting for the next gen.

      Mainly I hope Oculus can hold on just so they can drive down the price for everyone else’s next gen units. If FB is just liquidating their investment to get out of VR, then it WOULD be a bad thing…

  • Bryan Ischo

    They must be losing money on the hardware at that price … right? Anyway, it’s a fantastic deal. I would probably recommend Rift now to anyone interested in VR even though I think the Vive is superior because the price differential is just too great. Or at least, I would make people very aware of the differences between Rift and Vive and of the price differential as well and let them decide.

    • polysix

      I’ve had a vive, it’s not ‘superior’. The both have pros and cons over each other. Of course, not being tied to facebook is always a plus but the Vive was too janky for the price and I sold mine at a good profit (the profit alone would pay for this new rift deal!). Please vive owners, don’t let this news turn you into what we used to accuse rift fanboys of being (overly biased and blind). Rift at THIS price is a no brainer, facebook software not withstanding, and is stunning – yes STUNNING value compared to vive, better in many ways, worse in a couple, not night and day but HALF THE FRIGGING price.

      I’ve owned Vive, DK2 and PSVR they are all sold, I hate facebook but even I would pick a rift up at this price just for shits n giggles and sell it on at hardly any loss when i’ve had my fun or LG/Vive 2 or w/e comes out. The vive was too expensive, STILL is and while they may be ahead on sales (yet high quality level software dev doesn’t exactly reflect that does it?) there is much to be unhappy about with HTC and Vive, and all the add-ons in the world won’t address the core jankiness and extra costs involved in DAS for example (which should seriously come as default for no extra cost) hate how HTC is milking everyone now… yet get a free pass, while rift is basically being given away with a pretty high quality fit and finish and some of the best VR software available – for free – and people still find fault?

      Hate facebook, as any sane person would, but on an objective ‘whats in it for me right now for my money’ rift is an awesome buy.

  • Bartholomew

    Thanks to Oculus and Sony VR will succeed this time…

  • This is awesome for VR adoption! A high-end headset sold at $400… wow!

  • J.C.

    Wow, this is a ridiculously good sale! I do worry a bit about the WHY of it, but for most consumers there’s not much of a downside here. At this price, the annoyance of Roomscale setup for Rift over Vive ceases to be much of an argument…is ease of setup worth twice the cost?

    • Caven

      It depends on the setup, but in my case I’d need about 15 meters total of USB 3.0 cabling to put the sensors in roughly the same positions I currently have Vive Lighthouses, and one of those cables would have to run past a floor-to-ceiling doorway to do that. Alternately, to produce a more Oculus-sized roomscale setup I could mount sensors to the ceiling, but the popcorn ceiling really doesn’t lend itself well to attaching cabling and sensor mounts. The final option would be to settle for a temporary setup where the sensors are on movable stands, but then cabling would have to be running along the floor in a fairly high-traffic area during use.

      With the Lighthouses, I’m able to mount them on poles along the perimeter of the room, and just need to route the power cables to nearby outlets. At $400, I’m strongly considering picking up a Rift for development/testing purposes, but for roomscale I’ll need to settle for a temporary setup only, especially since I just now realized I’d probably want to get a third sensor, which further complicates setup.

      In this case, it’s not so much that the Vive is easier to setup than the Rift, but rather that for me a semi-permanent setup is possible with the Vive, but not with the Rift. This will not be a problem for everyone, but it is a problem for me. Granted, at the time I bought the Vive it was the difference between having motion controllers or not having motion controllers, but even if the Rift had launched with motion controls, sensor placement would have been an important consideration.

      • J.C.

        That’s the “ease of setup” I’m talking about. There are always ways to get wires where you need them, it’s a matter of how much drywall work do you want to deal with.
        My Vive is currently in the garage, but I think it’s going to get moved into a smaller room inside the house. I’ve started to associate the garage smell with VR, which is always a faintly musty smell, along with cut grass and gasoline. It’s not a good association. The room it’s going in has power outlets magically placed up near the ceiling, in good spots for the lighthouses. This house was built in the 60s, so that’s impossibly good luck.

        If I had bought a Rift, moving the setup would be far more cumbersome, but not worth switching headsets for. I still think Lighthouses are the best way to go, if only for ease of setup, but like you said, it very much depends on the room layout as to how MUCH better it is.

        • NooYawker

          When it comes to recreational pursuits the amount of drywall work I want to deal with is zero. The most work I’ve ever done was for the lighthouses and that was drilling some holes in the wall to mount them. Even my surround sound system is wireless, and before some audiophile goes off the rails, yes I know a wired surround sound is much better.

      • care package

        Roomscale will never become mainstream or even close to it. You need room for that, which most don’t have. Probably the same reason 99% of VR capable games can be played within 5 feet of play space.

        • Caven

          Yes, I realize that’s true, and in fact, the project I’m working on only requires standing space for movement, though a player can optionally take advantage of room scale if desired.

          I know I have one of the larger play spaces available, but all that really changes is the amount of cabling I’d need. People don’t live in 5’x5′ rooms, so a person with a small play space is just as likely to have the same sorts of cabling issues I spoke of. Granted, a person could always just go with the 180-degree forward facing setup, but the Vive is capable of that, too. The Vive’s support for room scale doesn’t require it to be used that way. And the sensors don’t have to be right at the corners of the play area. Even if a person only has a 5’x5′ playing area, it might still be advantageous to mount the Lighthouses at the physical corners of the room.

    • doug

      As to the WHY of the Rift sale, answer for yourself the following question: How much would you demand I pay you for full legal rights to the datastream of everything you watched, looked at, did and touched in VR, knowing I could share or resell the information to anyone I wanted after purchasing it from you. If your number is below $400, get the Rift on sale. Otherwise, get a Vive. That’s an objective way to look at the difference. ref:https://www.vrheads.com/vr-and-your-privacy-how-are-these-companies-treating-your-data

      • Bryan Ischo

        You can have all of that data from me for about $5. So I guess I should get a Rift.

        Seriously, information about what I did and looked at while in VR is absolutely useless to me so if someone else is willing to pay for it via subsidized hardware prices, I’m all for it.

        • Mane Vr

          same here and it not just subsidized hardware it’s software too. oculus is always giving us games for free

  • Justos

    When they were roughly the same price I still preferred my Rift, but told people to do some research because there are too many fanboys and it comes down to personal preference.

    First price drop? A nudge in the oculus direction. You get more content, and its cheaper. Roomscale 3 sensor configs were finally fixed for everybody.

    This new price drop is just NUTS. Who would pay over double for a vive at this point? You still have to shell out for a deluxe audio strap and again when they release their new controllers. You have to REALLY hate Facebook to throw away hundreds of dollars to not support them.

    Oculus is going to gain a ton of marketshare back with this move.

    • polysix

      as an unadulterated ex vive fanboy I can only agree with you. I don’t care why they’ve reduced it, I don’t care if it’s end of line, or a sign of weakness/desperation… none of that matters at this price. THIS price is just a little more than I paid for my DK2 way back, even if I just had it to tool around in UE4 with for six months before upgrading to LG/Vive 2/MS or w/e then it would still be a solid purchase without much cash lost. Meanwhile I felt my Vive was far from ready for prime time, as cool as some of its tech is/was, and sold it within 2 months of owning – as an early pre-orderer- made a good profit and was so thankful to not be burned out of 800 bones for that far from ready dev kit feeling face brick. PSVR I had too for a couple weeks before selling it – tracking woeful but great ergonomics.. rift was in a middle ground, but still a bit too high priced back then.. but now? it’s impulse buy level for those with PCs ready to rock it.

      • care package

        I was there when the VR “war” was fresh and mostly made up of anti-Oculus vive fanboys calling exclusives evil, only when it applied to Oculus.

        I actually had both on pre-order and cancelled the Vive right before it shipped. I’m still way glad I did that, especially since I would agree it was a rushed product. I don’t know how many times I tried to bring up what a great feature integrated headphones were to just get ridiculed, and now it’s a $100 add on that brings up the cost even more for a post dev pre consumer device. Another whopper is battery life. Touch goes for weeks, where wands go for 3-4 hours and then need charged.

        My opinion but Vive has no future at this point unless it get’s handed over to Valve, because they could then sell it at a much reduced price. I’m not anti-Vive by any stretch, but with all the efforts early on to discredit/extinguish Oculus I see this is part of some great turning events.

        • NooYawker

          Yea, you don’t seem anti-Vive at all.

          • care package

            I described who/what I am anti, vicious vive fanboyism who even the media at the time was going out of their way to “punish” Oculus. Maybe you were one of them.

          • NooYawker

            What made you think I was being sarcastic?

          • Caven

            Hey! He’s a veteran of the VR war! Show some respect! People who lived through that… Well, they come out of it scarred… Never see the world the same way again… Thousand yard stare… Oh, wait. That’s just the Fresnel lenses.

            Of course, I’m a veteran of the VR war, too. And I remember all the mocking about the Vive’s complicated sensor setup and forcing people to buy motion controllers they don’t necessarily want and how it was great that Oculus Touch controllers were optional. I also remember Oculus emphatically stating what a safety hazard it was to attempt to use VR while standing, obviously implying that the Vive’s emphasis on room scale was irresponsible.

            The crap flies both ways, but it’s amazing how many VR war vets forget that. Just be glad the VR war was way before your time, kid. It may seem like ancient history, but for those of us alive way back then, 2016 was a really rough time, and we have to live with the consequences of it to this very day. From time to time you’ll find some sheltered kids who make a big fuss over something that happened in early November–something completely unimportant, I’m sure. But for those of us who were around back then, the VR war is what indelibly etched 2016 into our minds. Remember that next time you run into a grizzled VR veteran.

          • NooYawker

            I salute you and thank you for your service!

          • scabbage

            Cavan speaks the truth. Logic and reason were no match for the raging fanboyism. If you were even slightly critical you were flamed, downvoted, disliked and insulted.

          • care package

            Actually crap doesn’t fly both ways. The bravery of humanity usually extends to sticking your neck out only without fear it’s going to get chopped. It’s gang mentality. In other words it’s the big dogs that are the instigators and most haughty. Also true in ancient history. Vive was the big dog at the time so it was the Vive fans spewing the most venom, knowing they would have plenty of backing (an example of this is in NooYawker’s comment. see the excitement? lol). This isn’t true now of course, but if you pay attention to the console “war” going on, it is the case among Sony fans (big dog).

          • Caven

            In some ways, you’re right. A prime example of bullshit flying only one way was when both Nate Mitchell and Palmer Luckey both stated in interviews that standing in VR was dangerous and irresponsible, as well as being something they didn’t recommend–yet all the while they were developing technology specifically for standing experiences. Here are some quotes from a TechRadar article:

            “There’s an obvious answer: “[W]ith VR, we’re actually blindfolding you, convincing your perceptual system you’re somewhere else, and then having you walk around. It’s a common sense recipe for disaster,” Oculus Vice President of Product Nate Mitchell told TechRadar.”

            “”The Oculus Rift is a seated experience,” he said during group interviews at Oculus Connect. “It’s very dangerous to stand up. Nobody should ever do it while they’re using the Rift, because they might hurt themselves, and we don’t want to contribute to that.””

            “Although that’s all Luckey would say on the matter, Mitchell explained further. “What we are saying is CV1, the consumer version of the Rift that we’re chasing, is going to be a seated experience,” he said. “We’re targeting a seated experience. We don’t want people standing up, mostly for liability concerns but also because it’s just not safe.””

            “But both Mitchell and Luckey emphasized that being on your feet is not part of the recommended Oculus experience. “I would say it’s more fair to call it purely conceptual,” Mitchell said. “I mean, people can stand up at their homes. I hope they do not.””

            There they are basically stating that the sort of thing the Vive was intended for is dangerous somehow. Of course they would say that when their alternative was an XBox controller. Now that they have motion controls, those “dangers” have magically disappeared.

            I don’t recall HTC or Valve doing anything similar to try to shit on the Rift.

          • Konchu

            I know I am late to the party here but if you have to pick a side aka this side was more fanboy or this side was more fanboy then…you might be a fanboy. They both have their perks and annoyances strengths and weaknesses.

            That said with Valve/Steam supporting Oculus, and it having the cheap cost makes it the logical buy at the moment. Im excited to see if the Microsoft headsets can cut the cost even lower and make VR an every one experience.

  • CMcD

    This is great! Don’t even mind that I bought mine full price at launch. The touch controllers are my favorite. The lower the price the more people will jump into the vr waters which is good for all of us.

  • GigaSora

    Im confused as to why everyone is acting like they hate Facebook? Everyone uses Facebook. Although admittedly it did strike me as a little odd at first, but really its just infinite money for the Oculus. Could someone explain the Facebook VR hatred?

    • Justos

      Not everybody hates Facebook. It’s basically a meme for hardcore gamers to dislike FB + act like its because of privacy when they use the internet and likely have a smartphone.

    • doug
      • Pablo Cabrera Alonso

        That really only matters with people so engrossed in themselves that they think someone is going to dive into big data packets searching for their specific information.
        Also known as people who don’t really understand how big data works.

        • NooYawker

          They’re not looking for anything specific but that doesn’t change the fact many people value their privacy. Yes there’s data collection everywhere but companies like FB and Google who created multibillion dollar empires takes it to an entirely new level. It’s incredibly intrusive. Just because someone doesn’t have anything to hide means they want some company analyzing their life to compile a profile.

    • Gerald Terveen

      Hating Facebook the company and liking Facebook the service does not really seem like a conflict to me.
      Just like hating Comcast does not mean you hate the Internet they provide you with.

      • GigaSora

        Comcast doesn’t make the internet?

        • David Herrington

          I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the difference in hating a company and hating a product line.

  • David Herrington

    So how do you think the people feel that bought in for $800?

    • Neko Koneko

      absolutely heartbroken id imagine. this is a great sale but its so seemingly random as for its timing. doing this along side the steam sale, when the vive (and a ton of oculus games) were discounted would have made the most sense i believe.

      regardless if it gets more people to buy into vr and thus creates more consumers for developers i cant really complain too much

  • flamaest

    Picked up mine up at Best Buy since I couldn’t get the Amazon deal for $300 for Prime day. I took an old laptop to Best Buy and got almost a hundred bucks for it. I got my Oculus Rift for just over 300. Sweet.

    I think there was an expectation on the table for Microsoft to announce a Scorpio partnership with oculus, since they talked about it last year during E3, and also because there’s an Xbox controller in the Oculus Rift package. Now that MS has had their E3 keynote, they seem to have floundered with VR and Oculus. I think this may have hurt Oculus in some way.

    I’m still hopeful that the Scorpio console will eventually be compatible with the Oculus headset.

  • xXx

    Now started to be little strange situation – they are taking money from account and canceling orders :/ Unfortunately looks like my order also will be canceled soon – it is not changing status from few days :/ On reddit there is even separate topic about it :/

  • Firestorm185

    Ok, at this point can we just make 400$ the real price? XD

  • Andrew Haughan

    Yes they need to extend it so that people can actually receive their rift in enough numbers while the sale is still running. I’m still waiting for mine and it’s been 4 weeks now :( I guess they vastly under estimated the demand at this price point. Really want Oculus and VR in general to succeed so happy it’s so popular but man it’s hard waiting so long :)

    • Caven

      A four-week wait? Damn, I guess I got really lucky.

      I finally decided to pick one up yesterday at Best Buy just to have for testing, and was annoyed at the 15 minutes it took for them to figure out if they were allowed to sell it. Apparently Best Buy inexplicably has a new version of the Oculus bundle that hasn’t hit street date yet. Their site shows an unreleased bundle, but aside from a different SKU, there’s no indication that there’s anything different about it, unless maybe the different SKU is intended for when the price goes back to normal, though I don’t see why they’d have to go to that particular trouble.

      • beestee

        I think the new bundle excludes the remote, which is mostly useless since the Touch controllers came out. I am also not sure if the new bundle includes the Xbox controller and Xbox wireless adapter.

        • Caven

          I haven’t opened the box yet, but the bundle I got is the single-box version that as far as I know already omits the remote and XBox controller.

          • beestee

            And that is the box that they were not sure that they could sell to you because of street date, correct? I am saying that is the difference, and it probably has a controlled release so as to clear inventory of the original multi-box bundles.

          • Caven

            The box they sold me was not affected by the street date issue. They indicated that they had more stock in the back that they could not sell yet. They talked about the box they gave me as if it were existing stock that they had trouble finding. I just opened the box and it’s definitely the newer “non-XBox controller” version, so I’m not sure what their unreleased version could be, except maybe a version with a different bundled game or something.

            Edit: I suppose it’s possible they just didn’t know what they were talking about. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened.

        • Andrew Jakobs

          The new bundle doesn’t include the remote, xbox controller/wireless adapter nor the rockbandcontroller. So you’re lucky if you could pick up the old bundle on sale as it still has all that, and making it a much better deal (that’s almost $60+ on extra controllers for free).

    • BrianCalhoun

      I walked into a Microsoft Store and traded in an Acer Mixed Reality headset for one and they’re Prime shipping on Amazon now, you should cancel and just order from someone else.

      • Andrew Haughan

        Problem for me is that I am in Australia and there is no other place to buy them but online. Amazon have them but charge an extra $100 for shipping so I stuck with Oculus direct. It has finally shipped and is on it’s way now but the wait has been over 4 weeks.

  • Claus Sølvsten

    This offer looks like only for americans… its 400pounds here (around 520$)

    • Ombra Alberto

      Criticize the taxes of your country.

      • Claus Sølvsten

        What criticize the F… are you talking about? Can’t you read?

        If I wanted to critize something its that in my country its still more than 1000$ on a special summer deal and that has nothing to do with our tax system

        I love the 60% tax we pay in my country and pay with pleasure.

        • Caven

          What he’s saying indirectly is that the US price doesn’t include tax. How much would the price of the Rift be in your country during the promotion if the price didn’t include tax? For instance, in the US I paid $430 for the bundle despite the $399 price tag because of sales tax.

          • Claus Sølvsten

            I know:) but still is a long way from 430$ to 530$ or even the 1000$ it still cost on special discount in my country

          • Caven

            I’m confused about the $1000 number you mention. If you originally reported that “its 400pounds here (around 520$)”, how is it “1000$ on a special summer deal”? Is the bundle $520 before tax, and $1000 with tax included?

          • Andrew Jakobs

            No, he’s mistaken, the price if you select the UK is INCLUDING VAT/SHIPPING, only when you select the US it’s without TAX/SHIPPING.

          • Claus Sølvsten

            The link in article leads to UK amazon and is around 520$
            Price in Denmark is around 1000$ on weekend “special” offer at the few stores selling rift in Denmark. We have a 30% tax which is fine on top of the 399$ but the 1000$ offer is not helping Danish people jumping on VR wagon. Like everyone in here im sure I want this tech in hands of everyone:)

          • Andrew Jakobs

            what’s your country then?

        • Ombra Alberto


    • Andrew Jakobs

      It’s not only for americans, yes the price in the US is $399, but that’s without tax and without shipping costs, but the price 399 pound is including tax and shipping.
      $399 = 309 pounds add VAT and you’re at 370,80 and add shipping of around 30 pounds (in our country you pay VAT on the shipping), so due to shipping and VAT it comes at the price Oculus is asking for it.

  • impurekind

    There isn’t a better high-end VR value proposition out there than this right now.

  • Mermado 1936

    They can gift with cereals… Oculus=shit company.

  • Ombra Alberto

    It would be nice if this remained the basic price of the Cv1. Although the product is of high quality.

    Oculus continues this way, you’re on the right track.

  • flamaest

    If you used a Visa / MC credit card, they will give you the difference back if still under 90 days from sale…

  • Adrian Meredith

    It’s good to see them make up for their mistakes. This is how it should have launched, without all of the added extras that inflated the price of the original (the box alone probably coated £20, the oculus remote was pointless and I don’t need another Xbox controller)

  • Luke

    I bought Oculus Bundle! In your opinion for how many years it will be supported with games compatibility? Because I bought it with the wish to be able to use it for a long time without buying another HMD for at least 7 years (I do not care if a better product come in the market).

    • Meow Smith

      You are a stoic soul i’d be bursting at the seams and pulling my hair out by year 7 ;), assuming every gen is 2+ years(imo it will be something like that)3rd gen would be well out in force by the 7th year.

      2’nd gen in itself should be a good step up over what we have now, you must have balls of steel!!.

      To answer your question it all depends on the games needs and what the developers are willing to support aye. imo first gen1 should be fine for a couple of years then game developers will start to be less and less willing to support it. Imo i don’t think people will hold onto their first gen headsets as tenaciously as they think will once they see what 2’nd gen can do vs what gen 1 can do.

  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Don’t support Oculus.

    Google Oculus Trump
    Google Palmer and the alt-right
    Google Palmer Luckey in bed with Milo Yiannopoulos

  • Jad

    They should have sold them for this price right from the start (without Touch, obviously) and the Vive would just be a faint memory by now.

  • erik

    400 brittish pounds in Europe, what kinda stupit shit is that? It’s like $520.

  • Rafael


  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    You must buy the Oculus at any price because it is the most amazing thing on this planet.

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Stupid decision.. they should keep the stripped down version at $399 or at least include the third camera when it’s back at $499.. but they don’t, so IMHO it’s too expensive again (the $399 was a good price).

  • Armando Tavares

    «This is Your Last Chance to Buy an Oculus Rift on Sale for …»

    No it’s not.