Casino VR, a free multiplayer poker game for Gear VR and Oculus Rift, now allows you to buy chips to fuel your need for table dominance. And no, you can’t spend them (yet).

Users who’ve signed up with a valid email address automatically receive 5,000 free chips to start, but can then purchase up to 50,000 chips at a time for $9.99. And if you play poker, you know that staying on the table often times means needing deep pockets.

casino vr hand
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While you can’t buy anything, or cash out for real world money with the virtual chips, Casino VR co-founder Hamza Siddiqui told us that purchasable in-game perks like virtual items are coming soon.

And while the in-game currency isn’t technically worth real world money once it lands in your virtual coffers, if games like World of Warcraft or CS:GO have taught us anything, it’s that not being able to turn virtual goods directly into real cash doesn’t mean they don’t have real value, and that unsanctioned trades, bets, and account sales are a real possibility.

However it goes though, one thing is for sure: micro-transactions in VR social gaming are here to stay.

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