AR Visualization

AR Visualization

Owlchemy Labs Reveals Experimental AR ‘Mobile Spectator’ App for VR Games

It's notoriously difficult to transmit exactly what's happening in a VR game without actually strapping on a headset yourself. And while mixed reality capture...

Researchers Transform Real Soccer Matches into Tabletop AR Reconstructions

The FIFA World Cup finals are nearly here, and while we still live in a time where most everyone interested in the France vs....

Adobe’s Project Aero Aims to Help Creators Build AR Content

Adobe recently unveiled a new project that aims to take the company further into the realm of augmented reality. Called Project Aero, the newly...

New Jersey Utility Uses Augmented Reality to Visualise Underground Infrastructure

vGIS, a new geographic information system (GIS) visualisation platform from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) partner Meemim, is being used to view underground...

Google Brings AR Mode to ‘Motion Stills’ Android App

Google recently launched an augmented reality mode for the Android version of its video capture app Motion Stills, which brings the ability to insert...

Williams-Sonoma Acquires Outward for $112 Million to Expand 3D, AR, and VR Retail Visualization

Williams-Sonoma Inc has announced that an agreement has been reached to acquire Outward Inc for an all cash consideration of $112 million. Williams-Sonoma Inc is...

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