Enterprise AR

Enterprise AR

HoloLens 2 Sales Expanding to 15 More Countries, ‘Development Edition’ Launches in the US

Microsoft initially began selling HoloLens 2 to enterprise customers back in late 2019, but a broader rollout has taken quite some time. Earlier this...

Varjo Brings Real-time Green-screen Capability to XR-1 for More Seamless Mixed Reality

Varjo, makers of high-end enterprise focused VR headsets, is adding real-time green-screen (aka chroma key) and marker tracking features to its XR-1 headset to...

Houston’s ITC Expo to Showcase Business-focused VR/AR Solutions, November 6th–7th

The Immersive Technology Conference (ITC), soon to be hosted at the University of Houston on November 6th & 7th, is an event built around a...

Oracle is Bringing AR and VR Visualization to Its Enterprise IoT Platform

Oracle, one of the world's largest companies, announced new capabilities for their Oracle Cloud enterprise platform that's designed to give large businesses a bird's-eye...

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