Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch

Oculus Demonstrates Their Own ‘Room-scale’ Tracking Capability at E3 2015

Much praise has been lavished on Valve's 'room-scale'-capable Lighthouse tracking system, which affords users an impressively large tracking volume for virtual reality interaction. Not...

24 Minutes with Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey on Rift CV1, Touch Controllers, Fresnel Lenses...

E3 is over for another year and on this, the final day of the show, we caught up with Oculus founder and inventor of...

Hands-on: Oculus Touch is an Elegant Extension of your Hand for Touching Virtual Worlds

From the beginning, Oculus said they didn't want to reveal an official VR input solution until they could do it right. Despite pressure from...

Oculus Touch VR Controller Launches 1st Half of 2016, Pre-orders Open Alongside Rift

The Oculus Touch VR controller will ship in the first half of 2016, says founder Palmer Luckey. The units will be available for pre-order...

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