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VR Art

‘Blocked In’ Creator Daniël Ernst on the Art of the Virtual Reality Diorama

Daniël Ernst is the founder and sole member of The Shoebox Diorama, a production company dedicated to exploring the brand new artistic possibilities of a new...

‘Tilt Brush’ Live Exhibition Paints VR in an Artistic Light

Tilt Brush's first painting exhibition, a gathering that took place last weekend in San Francisco, was organized to showcase a select group of artists using...

“World’s First Virtual Reality Painting Exhibiton” Takes Place 12-13th June, Presented by Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush, the made-for-VR painting program that lets you create anything and everything with the stroke of a virtual brush, have announced "the world's...

‘Geppetto’ Prototype Makes Animating in VR a Hands-on Experience

Masters of Pie, a London based 3D animation studio, have taken a page out of the book of renowned claymation works such as Wallace and...

‘Render the Metaverse’ Contest by OTOY, John Carmack Signs on as Judge

OTOY, the studio behind the made-for-VR rendering software OctaneVR, has announced a contest sponsored by Oculus that aims to get the community involved in generating immersive...

These Brilliant Sculpture Masks Chart Virtual Reality’s History

Welcome to Zenka's Mini-museum of VR History Jenny Carden, aka Zenka, is a Los Angeles-based artist who created a unique exhibit that showcases the history...

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