Check Out the Next World Record Attempt for Longest Time in VR, Live Stream Here


Michael Kantack, a developer at South Korea-based indie studio Get Off the Roofis currently attempting to break the Guinness Record for Longest VR Marathon. Kantack intends on staying 50 hours in his HTC Vive in MakeVR (2017) working on 3D models for the studio’s game.

While attempting to break the record, Kantack has been following strict Guinness World Records guidelines, including a team of officiants with stopwatches and a continuous live stream. He is rationed 10-minute breaks for every hour in VR which can technically roll over to a single 4-hour break max.

The team is livestreaming the attempt now on Twitch. Already 12 hours in at the time of this writing, Kantack seems to be in good spirits, making an efficient use of his time by designing for the studio’s upcoming survival-horror sci fi-western The Wretched.

Kantack and his development team are Air Force veterans stationed in South Korea.

The current record is held by Jack McNee; at 36 hours, 2 minutes and 16 seconds. McNee recently broke the previous record held by technology journalist Georgie Barrat at 25 hours, 24 minutes, and 18 seconds. Check out the record attempt below:

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  • oliver mcveigh

    when fallout vr is released im going to beat this aiming for 52 hours but its gonna be soild no 10 min breaks thats cheating.

  • Foreign Devil

    VR companies should sponsor a medical team to research harmful effects of prolonged VR immersion. A good opportunity

    • kool

      Sheeit lets not open that can of worms to we reach mass adoption. I swear these headsets are gonna make somebody crosseyed or colorblind, but I want more games first.

      • Ed

        That sounds like a pretty bad approach, kool. It’s better to research sooner and design out problems than to stick our heads in the sand waiting for problems to happen, which could bring fear, outrage and lawsuits against the medium of VR gaming right when the most attention is on it. Let’s be smart and responsible and show the world we can do this tech right, and not become yet another industry keeping a lid on a cancer farm, playing dumb to rake in as much cash as possible before shit hits the fan. Health and safety should come first.

        • kool

          The big three auto companies and big pharma and big tobacco didn’t become “big” by acknowledging healrh risk lol. Seriously tho I’m interested in the effects as well. I can’t close my eyes to sleep after a long session I had to cover my eyes with a blanket to go to sleep.

  • kool

    By the Guinness rules i could do a week. Hell you got enough time to rub one out if you wanted!!!

  • I want him to stay 50 hours playing some heavy sickness inducing game!!

  • Dude

    With a break every hour and no doping test every dopehead in my home town would break that record.

  • Studley L’amore

    Sounds like he’ll be needing the VR experience I’m developing; tentatively named VR Dunny. It’s a comprehensive selection of famous Dunnys from history. From the cattle troughs of Glastonbury festival to the legendary Outback Thunderbox (check under that seat for Redbacks). You will also receive a pack of special VR nappies free with your purchase. They are smell transparent to add to the immersion.