Covert (2018), an action-adventure title that puts asymmetric co-op at its core, is coming to PSVR next month.

White Elk Studios says in a tweet that Covert is arriving on PSVR February 25th. White Elk is also known for the VR adventure title Eclipse: Edge of Light (2017) which recently landed on PSVR and PC VR headsets.

First launched on Oculus Go in 2018, Covert offers up asymmetric gameplay by way of a mobile companion app, which supports most Android and iOS devices.

Boasting six hours of gameplay, you play as either ‘The Thief’ in VR, or as ‘The Hacker’ on a mobile device. The objective: pull off a series of high-profile heists by using gadgets to infiltrate heavily guarded facilities in VR, and by breaching through security systems on mobile.

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Although Covert is geared more towards couch co-op, online play is also possible through the free companion mobile app.

We haven’t had a chance to play Covert, however it’s currently rated at [4.1/5] stars for Oculus Go, with some detracting from that score due to a perceived issue with the game’s controls. We’ll be interested to see how White Elk has changed this up to fit the PSVR platform when it arrives next month.

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  • ComfyWolf

    Since this was on the Go, is is playable on Quest? I’d really like a game I could play with my cousin other than Puppet Fever, and he can’t read well enough for Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

  • manhunt0r

    did they Need to use the q3 engine?