Originally launched in November last year as a PSVR exclusive, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey (2016) made its way early this year to Oculus Rift via Oculus Home and also eventually Steam too. Critically missing however was official support for HTC Vive and any support for motion controllers.

Now, Crytek has finally launched an update on Steam which includes official support for HTC Vive, and full support for both Vive and Oculus Touch motion controllers. Oculus Home will also see an update including Touch support today.

Like Crytek’s The Climb (2016), Robinson was initially built for gamepad-only input. Although Crytek eventually made a major update to The Climb which brought Touch support to the game, Robinson has sat on both Steam and the Oculus Store this part year with only gamepad support to its name.

A few months after launch of both titles however, Crytek unexpectedly shuttered all of their branches outside their Frankfurt and Kiev studios, which could point to why the company has been so sparse with critical updates to their VR games.

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Following a young boy names Robinson and his chipper AI pal HIGS who’ve crash landed on a planet inhabited by dinosaurs, Robinson was initially lauded for its patently lush visuals and life-like dinos. Still priced at its original launch price tag of $40, the game currently holds a ‘Mixed’ rating on Steam, and a [3.5/5] star rating on Oculus Home.

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  • mellott124

    Much needed. I’ve avoided buying these because controllers were missing.

  • Jeff Albus

    I’ve BEEN playing this with the touch controlers since I got it months ago!

    • Peter Hansen

      Which emulator did you use?

  • Dan VR

    Yes, Oculus Touch controllers! Finally have a reason to buy this game.

    • Peter Hansen

      Do it! This game is just beautiful. It was already beautiful and fun to play with gamepad. But now I think I’ll replay it.

      • ShiftyInc

        Beautiful? the majority of the reviews say it looks outdated and texture quality is pretty bad. Personally have not played it because it was missing Touch support. But still very much in doubt of all the negative reviews.

        • Peter Hansen

          You shouldn’t make the mistake of comparing it to recent AAA desktop games. Compared to most of the VR crap out there I found this title visually quite appealing.



  • Raphael

    Dire steam score and still getting negative reviews since the update.

  • Did they ever get Move controller support for PSVR?

  • Veraxus

    It’s finally the game I always wanted it to be. It’s a shame it ends on a cliffhanger. I hate incomplete narratives.

    • Andrew Jakobs

      uhhh, what? damn.. didn’t know that..

  • Andrew Jakobs

    Just bought it, but damn, it sure looks like they never tested it with a real Vive controller or something as it’s very clunky.. After a while you get used to it, but I think they should have spend a little more time on refining it and getting the bugs out (like decent detection of which controller is left/right and support native resolution on newer headsets instead of having to fiddle with the resolution scaling which I have to set to 2x on my HTC vive Pro, but it leads to artifacts round your hands). AND they should have added teleportation as a locomotion device.
    But even for such an old game I still think it’s even today one of the best looking games there is. and as I said, if they would only spend a day or two on fixing/refining some controllers and settings it would even be a prime example of excellent VR..
    Man I LOVE the view from the droid, it makes everything look soooo amazingly detailed..

  • Daho Vu

    Great game! but the price is a bit expensive. dino run