Dead Secret (2015), Robot Invader’s first-person mystery thriller for PC, Gear VR and SteamVR-capable headsets, is getting a sequel called Dead Secret Circle. The second installment in the series is slated to come to VR and traditional platforms in 2017.

Like its predecessor, Dead Secret Circle is a narrative-driven mystery thriller set in the past—this time fast-forwarding to the brutal winter of 1971 Chicago, where you, a gumshoe reporter dive into your own subconscious to catch a killer haunting both your dreams and the people of the city.

We got a chance to review the first Dead Secret, calling it one of the early great successes in VR thrillers. With a clear penchant for generating haunting suspense rather than cheap jump scares, Dead Secret relies more on cultivating intrigue through its many clues scattered throughout the game that help you unravel the mystery (and horror) of the world around you.

It’s uncertain exactly which VR platforms the new Dead Secret Circle is targeting at this time.

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