‘Demeo’ 2022 Roadmap Promises PC Edition, New Adventures, PvP Mode & More


Demeo (2021)the co-op VR dungeoning board game, is getting a lot of love in 2022 from Resolution Games. Alongside the release of its latest adventure, The Roots of Evil, the developers today revealed a roadmap that promises to bring a bunch of new content to the game over the course of next year, including a flatscreen edition for PC, a new PvP mode, a social hub environment, and two new adventures.

Starting with confirmed dates: Demeo is getting a new social hub that will let you chat, customize your avatar, and play mini-games—slated to arrive on February 24th, 2022.

One such mini-game is called Hauntlet, which was designed by Doom co-creator and Resolution Games senior creative director Tom Hall. We got a brief glimpse in the trailer above, which seems to be very similar to Gauntlet II (1986) in its overall vibe.

Image courtesy Resolution Games

A few months later, Demeo: PC Edition will launch in Early Access on Steam, coming on April 7th. This includes cross-play between VR and flatscreen PC players. And like the game on Quest and SteamVR headsets, the PC edition will feature all of the previous adventure modules.

There’s already a Steam site available for wishlisting, which means Demeo: PC Edition will be a separate offering from the VR version.

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At some point next year, the game will also get a PvP mode that Resolution Games says will let up to four players join an all-out brawl. There’s no clear launch date for that feature, with the studio simply saying it will come in 2022.

On the list for 2022 release is also two new adventures, which the studio says will be revealed at some point. This will make it the fourth and fifth adventure modules following ‘The Black Sarcophagus’, ‘The Rat King’, and the ‘Roots of Evil’ module, which was released today.

The studio says more details are coming, so we’ll just have to wait and see what else Demeo has in store for 2022.

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