Bei Yang, the ‘Creative Technologies’ leader at Walt Disney Imagineering, will be holding a talk on March 5th at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) and revealing VR strategies learned by the R&D arm of Disney over the past 20 years of its existence.

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The talk is called ‘Practical Virtual Reality for Disney Themeparks‘ and will discuss game design principles and practical applications of VR headsets, but will also present valuable technical insight into some well-trodden ground for Disney’s Imagineering group: the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), a platform that displays a projected 3D image on an enclosed space that can offer virtual experiences to one or more people at a time.

Since 2007, Bei Yang has been helping to develop VR experiences and robotic animations for Disney themeparks worldwide at the Imagineering skunkworks, Disney’s own blending of ‘imagination’ and ‘engineering’.

Walt Disney Imagineering, being one of the original pioneers in VR in the late 1980s, has in truth never stopped playing with VR and using it.

Attendees will learn about some of the practical problems when creating VR experiences for the real world. This will include what causes nausea, what gives a sense of immersion, and the problems that arise when technically implementing VR from both a software and hardware perspective.

Road to VR will be on that ground at GDC 2015 to bring you the inside scoop. Interested parties can contact us to arrange a meeting.

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