‘Dragon Ball Z VR’ in Action, Go Super Saiyan in Bandai Namco’s VR ZONE


There’s some weird and wild things showcasing at Bandai Namco’s VR Arcade VR Zone in Shinjuku, Tokyo. To get a better look, Japan-based YouTube channel VJump goes hands-on with Dragon Ball Z VR, giving us a peek into the 40,000 square feet, 2-floor VR arcade and showing just how awesome going Super Saiyan in VR can be.

In the video, Vjump starts out at a training sequence that allows between 2-4 players to experience it simultaneously. Led by Goku, the series’ protagonist, you then teleport to on an iconic, barren field where he executes a Kamehameha, made more immersive by an open-hand custom device using Vive Trackers. That’s when the battle begins, and you’re positioned at different intervals, using your training mates as target practice.

image courtesy Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco, veterans of the arcade gaming industry from days of yore, have freshened up their image by opening dedicated VR Arcades, complete with seated motion platforms and HTC Vive virtual reality powered experiences.

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Experience include big name Japanese franchises too, like Gundam, Nintendo’s Mario Kart, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

If you aren’t already wowed by the time you walk through the door, there’s something wrong.

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  • Me

    Theonly game where teleportation makes sense (^_^)’

  • RFC_VR

    Can anyone from Bandai Namco shed any light on the VR zone that was reported as opening in London this July…the UK office don’t answer any phone calls and emails are unanswered…

  • Jerald Doerr

    Lol! now that guy’s gonna have to stand there for 3 full episodes to charge up into super saiyan mode!