PSVR 2 is Getting a Version of Sega Dreamcast Classic ‘Cosmic Smash’ This Year

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Sega’s futuristic block-breaker, which you might remember from its launch on Dreamcast in 2001 or in arcades throughout Europe and Japan, is being reimagined for PSVR 2 with C-Smash VRS.

The game is bringing an immersive twist to Cosmic Smash’s low gravity squash-meets-blockbreaker gameplay, including single player, co-op, and 1v1 multiplayer modes—that’s what the ‘VRS’ stands for, both virtual reality and versus.

Besides bringing the futuristic racket sport to VR, C-Smash VRS is also set to rekindle some long dormant memories with its thumping OST, which seems to be inspired by the original’s ambient techno score; new tracks are being composed by DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite) and Danalogue (The Comet is Coming, Soccer 96).

The game is currently under development by indie studio RapidEyeMovers, with the IP licensed from Sega. The studio says it’s working with VR veterans Wolf & Wood (The Last Worker, The Exorcist: Legion VR), and designers Cory Schmitz (Rez Infinite, Sound Shapes) and Arkotype (Polytron) to bring it to PSVR 2 later this year.

While we don’t have a launch date yet, a free demo of C-Smash VRS for PSVR 2 is coming to the PlayStation Store on March 23rd. In the meantime, you can wishlist the game here.

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  • MOT

    Looks like it could be one of those relatively simple but very addictive and fun vr games. Especially in muti player.

  • kool

    Virtua cop and racer please!

  • XRC

    Soul Caliber please

  • Tommy

    Doesn’t look great but could be fun with multiplayer.

  • ApocalypseShadow

    Was interesting on Dreamcast. Wonder if they’ll add anything extra to it?

    But we need virtual cop, house of the dead, etc

    • Andrew Jakobs

      Yeah, house of the dead, dead storm pirates and Time crisis were excellent onrail ‘lightgun’ shooters with the Move controllers for the PS3, still love playing those games on my 3 meter wide projectionscreen.

  • Manu

    Space channel 5

  • Seems cool!

  • polysix

    No thanks. Graphics are a dis-service to VR and need to stop with this abstract/cartoon stuff. 8 years of this stuff, it’s time for change.

    GT7 level graphics for VR from now on or people will never take virtual ‘reality’ seriously. Cartoon gfx are obviously a cop out AND rely solely on the ‘novelty’ of VR rather than do anything to enhance the illusion of VR.