Hot on the tails of the Oculus Rift’s unveiling at the company’s ‘Step into the Rift’ event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) promises to see a number of press conferences featuring the top players that have expressed strong interest in VR projects.

It’s uncertain if the likes of Ubisoft, Sony, or Square Enix—companies that have expressed direct interest in VR—will reveal anything VR-centric during their upcoming E3 press conferences, but we’ll be watching them just in case. Here’s the line up if you want to watch along too.

Ubisoft E3 Live Stream – Monday 2:30 PM PDT

Ubisoft has recently partnered with OSVR, a joint project that promises to offer the VR community everything from a hackable, modifiable HDK headset to the open source OSVR SDK. Ubisoft hasn’t really said exactly why they’ve decided to tack on to the OSVR ecosystem, but we’re hoping to eventually hear a little more about CEO Yves Guillemot’s “number of games” for VR that he mentioned during an analyst call back in May.

Sony E3 Live Stream – Monday 5:30 PM PDT

Sony has had Morpheus, the company’s PS4-compatible VR headset, in the mix since its unveiling in March of 2014. The Japanese tech giant hasn’t been shy about showing it off either, but in the midst of confirmed launch quarters from HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, we’re waiting to see how Sony responds.

Square Enix – Tuesday 10 AM PDT

Square Enix has revealed their partnership with Oculus at the company’s ‘Step into the Rift’ event last Thursday. Although they were listed as partners, we still haven’t seen any traces of a VR game in the makings from the studio.

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