Echo Arena, the zero-g VR sports game coming to Rift July 20th, is going to be free for anyone who downloads it in the first 3 months after launch, says production studio Ready at Dawn in an Oculus forum post.

Update 07/20/17: Once you so much as add ‘Echo Arena’  to your library during the three-month window, you’ll have free, unlimited access to the title indefinitely.

Original Article (7/14/17): Echo Arena is the multiplayer mode launching alongside Lone Echo, a first-person, sci-fi adventure using the same zero-g locomotion system and Oculus Touch controllers. Ready at Dawn says owners who purchase Lone Echo ($40 regularly, $35 with pre-order) will automatically get Echo Arena for free at any time.

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For everyone else, Echo Arena will be free (and accessible indefinitely) as long as you download it within 3 months after launch. After the 3 month period, the game will sell for $20.

This 3-month free download window is the result of a sponsorship by Intel. Already experiencing two successful open beta access periods (the second goes to July 17th), Echo Arena looks to garner a large player base.

Check back soon for our review of Lone Echo.

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  • Huntsman1230

    Shouldn’t the title be “Echo Arena will be free…’ as Lone Echo is a different title and price tag? Great news though.

    • Looks like the space between my ears is echoing! Thanks for the catch!

  • Neko Koneko

    I can’t wait to further break my ceiling light trying to catch disks!

    • Firestorm185

      Oh I know. Knocked camera mounts and ram sticks of my desk today running into it. xD

      • Neko Koneko

        my ceiling light has reinforced steel around it and the cover is pretty thick glass. whammied the hell out of it which led to a few expletives and a loud ‘crash’ sound. a few people in game busted out laughing because they knew exactly what happened

        • Firestorm185


        • J.C.

          I think everyone here has had that happen. My most memorable was in RecRoom, playing the first Quest adventure. Took a swing at a monster that snuck up on me and hit my wrist against a shelf. Left a hella bruise, the other three players just heard a loud thud and a stream of expletives. We lost almost immediately because everyone was laughing.

  • J.C.

    So, is this game (and the single player version) an Oculus-forever exclusive, or timed? It’d be nice if there was a list of permanent/timed exclusives, but I’m pretty sure half the timed ones aren’t allowed to SAY it’s a timed exclusive.

    • coolfarmer

      Lone Echo is multiplayer too ;)

  • coolfarmer

    Lone Echo will be single AND multiplayer.

  • Kaleo Kripton

    Final Fantasy X Blitzball VR comming winter 2018, pretty sure

  • Brett A McCall

    Best VR game yet!

  • Henke

    Is there a release-day review embargo on this thing? Because I am not finding any reviews of it anywhere, even though it’s coming out in a few hours. Would love to buy this at the pre-order price, but no way I’m doing so without having read a review.