Echo Games have released an update to Echo Combat (2018), the studio’s zero-g, team shooter for Oculus Rift, that brings a new payload map to the game. Dubbed ‘Surge’, the map is said to include a payload track that’s 15% longer than Fission’s.

Echo Games says the new payload map should take around 10 minutes to complete, taking into account the longer track size.

The studio says Surge was designed to “weave combatants through tight, close-quarters battles and large, Comet-friendly no-mans-lands.”

This brings Echo Combat’s map count to four: Dyson & Combustion (area capture), and Fission & Surge (payload).

Echo Combat has changed surprisingly little in the six months since launch on Oculus Rift. Released in November 2018, most of the updates to Echo Combat were geared towards re-balancing weapons and support items, and refining both the game’s 3D and 2D spectator modes.

Notably, Echo Combat is a budding VR eSport featured in the VR League’s third season, which also includes Echo Arena, Onward, and Space Junkies.

With the entrance of Surge, it’s possible Echo Games is pushing its feature set yet further to capitalize on new users that are bound to arrive with the entrance of Rift S, which is set to arrive on May 21st.

If you’ve pre-ordered a Rift S and want to know more about Echo Combat, head over to our in-depth review of the game to find out why we gave it a solid [8/10] points.

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