Zero-G VR Shooter ‘Echo Combat’ Launches on Rift Today


Echo Combat, Ready at Dawn’s team-based zero-g shooter is coming sooner than you might think; the studio is launching the high-flying competitive shooter today on Oculus Rift.

Update (November 15th, 2018):  Echo Combat will be live starting today , November 15th, at 12pm PST (local time here). It’s a $10 in-app purchase available through Echo VR. We’ll have review coverage coming, so check back soon.

Original article (November 12th, 2018): If you already own Echo VR, you can purchase the Echo Combat DLC on the Echo VR Oculus Store page. What’s more, you’ll be able to buy it from the Main Menu and even in the Echo VR lobby at any of the in-game matchmaking terminals or customization terminals.

Ready at Dawn says players can expect on-going support of Echo VR through 2019.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in Echo Combat:

New Map, Bigger Teams

Control Point mode debuted with the ‘Combustion’ map back at Oculus Connect 5, and has been available in a few open beta weekends since. Now Echo Combat adds another Control Point map to the mix. Called ‘Dyson’, the map is a massive open-space area that the developers say will “treat players to new strategic opportunities including a variety of entry points to the map to help teams divide and conquer.”

Notably, the default game size has also been bumped up from 3v3 to 4v4.

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New Weapon, Repair Tool & TAC-MOD

All shooters need some sort of OP rocket launcher, and Echo Combat is getting what it calls ‘the Meteor’, something the studio calls “the perfect tool when you’re staring down enemies and you’re running out of options.”

A grenade-like device called ‘Instant Repair’ is also coming that heals targets on impact, including yourself.

A new TAC-MOD, the game’s secondary weapon, is coming too. Called ‘Phase Shift’, it lets players phase out of reality for short periods so you can sneak behind enemy lines or make a hasty retreat without being seen.

Progression System

Original beta testers will be happy to know that there won’t be any more zeroes hanging above their heads, as Echo Combat is adding a progression system that will track your rank when you compete in public matches, of course arriving with a suite of new customization options like decals, emotes, and avatar patterns.

All customization options unlocked in Echo Combat can be used in the game’s more sporty half, Echo Arena. You’ll be able to review combat stats for both games at once, using your arm-based terminal.

Want to know more about Echo Combat? Check out our hands-on with the beta.

We have a review of Echo Combat coming around the corner, so check back soon to see our take.

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  • ham

    fuck exclusivity. I want this on vive and i’m not going to buy a rift just to play it. So thats a perfect example of exclusivity hindering this game…..

    • Ryan

      Just use revive to play this on your vive lmao, takes 5 seconds to install. I play Ed the beta on my vive it worked perfectly.

      • antonio mora

        It’s worth it

        • jj

          its not

          • antonio mora

            It’s not worth it to be able to play a game that is not supported for your headset?
            Let me tell you: If there was any way for me to play RE7 or Wipeout in PC, I’ll take it. Simple as that.

          • jj

            its people like you who tell them exclusivity is the same. If you just had a different attitude towards it we could stop it from happening. but no, you and the majority are lazy and want to take shortcuts and hacks. so here we are, hacking stuff together that the developers should have done to insure the experience is up to par. Wheres my paycheck for doing their work?

          • jj

            also i know its not that black n white or the end of the world, im just being difficult because if it comes down to the user, this is the experience im getting :)

          • PJ

            The experience I’m getting playing Lone Echo, Echo Arena and now Echo Combat on my Vive via the FREE ‘hack’ Revive is much better than yours though..

          • antonio mora

            First of all there is nothing lazy about it, getting to work FO4, or LA Noire (vive excluives at the time) was not easy, Secondly there has always been exlcusives trough gaming platforms. You wanted to play Halo you needed an Xbox, you want to play Uncharted you need a PS. That is supporting exclusives. You don’t need to buy a Rift to play any Rift game but yeah It is all my fault. Sorry about that.

      • masaokun

        I will not put any money into a market that only works through an unsupported 3rd party app that they are under no obligation to keep working. If Oculus came out and said that they would officially support the app by keeping it maintained and updated (directly or indirectly) and that they would offer to refund all money invested in the market if that ever changed, then I’d feel differently. (If I’m lucky, they did and I missed it, but I doubt it.)

        • Raphael

          Absolutely the right attitude. Buying a game from a developer that excludes your hardware boosts rewards them. Croteam were very clear in their choice not to go exclusive a few years ago. Dividing a niche market is not a good idea.

          • jj

            thank you!

      • jj

        why would i support hacks and support exclusivity? that hurts the market

    • Tailgun

      Any hardware company that pours millions of its own dollars into making their own games deserves the right to exclusivity. If that comes back to haunt them with a smaller user base then that’s the risk they take.

      But they are certainly entitled to protect their investment and I for one appreciate Oculus continuing to pour more money into VR content. (By the way, how much has HTC and Microsoft invested in VR content or are they still just pirating all the great Rift games? Hmmm…)

      • Raphael

        So you aren’t aware that HTC is also investing money in developers both hardware and software? Looks like you don’t do any research and just use whatever random emotive fluff you have mushing around in your head.

        Your reward for being a loyal octopus fan is for the company to abandon gen 2 VR and focus almost exclusively on mobile VR. Oh sure… you may get an octupus rift+ at some point. Meanwhile over at Valve….

    • Lucidfeuer

      Have people still not fucking heard of revive? This is not exclusivity as long as you have a PC and a headset, it’s called curation and since there’s close to none on Steam, I’m glad the Oculus platform exist (though their website and lack of cross compatibility sucks).

      • Raphael

        It’s still exclusive. It excludes all other platforms. Why would you think a 3rd party hack is the same as a developer supporting natively? Absolutely bizarre this way of thinking.

        Vive users should ABSOLUTELY NOT buy from oculus store because they are boosting sales to those developers who chose to exclude their hardware. There should be consequences for developers who exclude other VR hardware. VR is still a niche market. Making your game a niche within a niche is as dumb as it gets. Check up the dictionary definition of “Rift” = divide. So oculus has certainly caused division amongst gamers.

        I used Revive a few years ago, I won’t use it on principle now.

        • Lucidfeuer

          What you say makes absolutely no sense: Steam,, Origin or GOG are already separate platforms with exclusive titles yet it doesn’t change anything as long as you own a PC.

          Why would it be different for Oculus producing it’s own content, knowing they’ve never blocked Vive compatibility in fact I’m pretty sure it’s they made it easy since I’ve never heard of compatibility problems.

          • Tailgun

            Raphael’s position on this is distressingly emblematic of today’s current, sorry culture towards free market capitalism: He thinks he deserves everything and that no corporation should compete to gain market share if it’s on a platform he chooses not to support.

          • PJ

            I blocked that prick ages ago

    • PJ

      Revive, enjoy the game and stop moaning

      • jj

        maybe try to read more before making idiotic comments

        • PJ

          Nothing idiotic about it, Oculus fund game development, they have every right to make it exclusive to the Oculus Store, Revive works, Oculus have said previously they are fine with it, it’s a none issue.
          So, buy it and play via revive, or stop moaning

          • jj

            That’s this works. Stop defending companies that don’t give a shit about you

          • PJ

            There isn’t a company on this planet that isn’t only in it for the about money, not one, you are either deluded or naive. The simple fact is, wether you like it or not, Oculus fund THE best VR titles, and they have every right to only publish them on Oculus Home, the same way EA release Battlefield on Origin, or Valve release Counter Strike on Steam, I would like them to open the store up to other HMD’s and i believe in time they will do.
            It’s like a Rift user not wanting to use SteamVR because they don’t like that Valve made you install Steam for Half Life, there’s no difference.

            Oculus have said they won’t block Revive, Revive works, you don’t even need to open up Oculus Home, if you don’t want to play Oculus funded titles then don’t, but your crusade on here is wearing thin, we get it, you don’t like it, but you have the option to play them.

    • Adrian Meredith

      If it wasn’t exclusive it wouldn’t exist. I hate Facebook as much as the next person but if you want vr to still exist in a year’s time content like this needs to succeed.

  • Lucidfeuer

    Looks cool, the first 4V4 VR OG PVE (that’ll eventually be a thing). Although I wonder what’s the design behind unlocking incentives.

  • It looks like an amazing game

  • Randel

    The should have just called it Enders Game .