Developer Ready at Dawn has released a new update to Echo VR (the basis of both ‘Echo Arena’ and ‘Echo Combat’) in preparation for the game’s release on Oculus Quest later this year.

The latest version of Echo VR, patch 25.0, launched this week and brought with it a number of enhancements. Perhaps the biggest is that ‘Echo Arena’, the zero-G ultimate frisbee game, is getting AI opponents so that for the first time players can play against (or with) computer-controlled players. Users will be able to queue up AI matches at the matchmaking podium. You’ll be able to join with friends to play against AI too, and choose between three levels of difficulty. Players will earn the usual experience and rewards from AI matches though at a slightly reduced rate.

In addition to AI opponents, the update also adds an enhanced ‘New Player Experience’ which tutorializes the game (especially useful for upcoming Quest players who won’t have the benefit of learning how everything works from Echo VR’s sibling single player title Lone Echo). The new player experience will show players the basics like how to use the arm-computer and how to queue up for a match. It’ll also run them through a practice ‘Echo Arena’ match that must be completed before they can dive into public matches.

The update also brings a host of optimizations to the game. Developer Ready at Dawn says that while these optimizations were intended to help the game run on Quest, some have also carried into the Rift version for improved performance.

Echo VR Cross-platform Multiplayer Confirmed

This was expected, but now it has been explicitly confirmed: Quest and Rift players of Echo VR will share the same lobby space and be able to queue for ‘Echo Arena’ matches together. Unfortunately it seems like ‘Echo Combat’ will remain Rift-only.

It’s great to know that players will share the same lobby no matter if they are on Quest or Rift because floating around and playing with the various toys and activities in the lobby is half the fun.

Echo VR Quest Release Date and Price

The Echo VR release date for Quest is confirmed for 2019, but Oculus and Ready at Dawn have so far only been as specific as “later this year.” However, they have confirmed it will be free on Quest just like Rift.

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  • Guygasm

    FYI. This patch was delayed due to bugs found in the AI per an official discord channel announcement.

  • Yeshaya

    Think they’ll add AI opponents to Echo Combat too?

  • This AI thing is good because I find it quite irritating to go into Echo Arena and encounter ‘The Educators.’

    Players who feel the need to teach you how to play so you don’t ruin their game.

    I don’t want to be taught, and if I ruin your game… so what?

    • No Spam

      There’s no winning sometimes. People try to create a welcoming environment by helping bring newcomers up the learning curve so everyone can have more fun, faster…only for it to be considered “quite irritating.”

      • David Wilhelm

        Hang out in the lobby and use the practice zones first! :P

      • To be more serious, I have met some really nice people in Echo Arena who were actually quite good at giving tips.