‘Electronauts’ Turns Anyone Into an Electronic Music Artist, Gameplay Video Here


Survios, the studio behind Raw Data (2017) and Sprint Vector (2018), showed off Electronauts at GDC this year, their upcoming VR music creation app for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift that makes DJ’ing so easy that even the least musically talented person can do it.

While it hasn’t substantively changed since we saw it first at CES in January, it’s the first time Electronauts has been put on display in a public venue.

The app lets you easily mix music and create something actually listenable because every interaction in Electronauts is quantized, meaning every time you activate an instrument or loop a track, it automatically clicks on beat. Using your in-game selector wands to toss out ‘beat grenades’ or jam on samples using an orb-like drum kit – well, that’s something only available in virtual reality. Check out our hands-on with Electronauts to learn more.

Electronauts is still slated to release sometime in 2018. There’s already a Steam page, and Survios is currently entertaining applications for their ‘Creator Beta’ which will launch soon for Vive and Rift owners.

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