The long-standing golf series Everybody’s Golf is getting a PSVR game, developed by Clap Hanz in association with Sony’s Japan Studio. Announced today as a part of the pre-Tokyo Game Show ‘PS Lineup Tour’, Everybody’s Golf VR is coming exclusively to the platform.

Clap Hanz Senior Producer Kentaro Motomura says in a PS blogpost that Everybody’s Golf VR will let players use either Dualshock 4 or PS Move controller like a golf club.

Image courtesy Clap Hanz

According to Motomura, players will be able to “see the uneven terrain, read wind direction, and experience the nature of the golf course all with their own eyes – a 360 degree VR experience made possible by the PlayStation VR.”

The game is said to be single-player only, and doesn’t currently have a specific release date yet, although it’s slated to arrive some time in 2019.

You may better recognize the Everybody’s Golf series by its North American name, Hot Shots. The franchise has dropped the Hot Shots branding since the release of Everybody’s Golf (2017) on PS4.

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  • Raphael

    Exclusive will not make me buy a PSVR.

    • jj

      Hey, we can agree on that!!! good post

  • dogtato


  • me

    I was wondering when us PSVR users would see this franchise on the system. Great time for PSVR – especially after how fun Firewall has been!

  • jeff courtney

    Is this avaialable on vr currenly anywhere like steam ?

  • FireAndTheVoid

    For every PSVR and Oculus exclusive, do we reserve the right to make a clone on Steam?

  • Alexisms


  • Wayne Hinkel

    I have both PSVR and Steam VR with Vive, but I’m not a “fan boy” of
    either. PSVR does need more exclusives, though, to get me to buy on
    that platform, when I have a choice. This is because of the superior controllers
    and the about-to-be-released wireless adapter on Vive.

    • gothicvillas

      Same here, I have both headsets too. Right now, Firewall (psvr) is VR king for me, followed closely by Beat Saber (vive). I have to say, Firewall on psvr is stealing a lot of limelight right now. Having countless hours on onward etc, my go to shooter is Firewall.

      • Me

        I agree 100% -Firewall is killer!!!
        I have owned the Vive, Rift and PSVR… my PSVR useage time is through the roof now!


    giocatore singolo??!!è una follia…!!!