FeetSaber Mod Basically Turns ‘Beat Saber’ into ‘Dance Dance Revolution’


Beat Saber has often been described as being ‘like Dance Dance Revolution but for VR’, and it seems that couldn’t have been more prophetic, because here we are with the FeetSaber mod which basically turns the game into DDR.

Beyond its ‘easy to learn hard to master’ gameplay, Beat Saber’s extensive community of track makers and modders are a major reason why the game is one of the best selling VR titles to date.

A new mod created by a modder named Naluluna literally attaches tiny lightsabers to your feet and lowers the notes to the ground, turning the gameplay into a surprisingly functional dancing game. Using Vive Trackers attached to their feet and hips, the usual controllers, and the LIV and Virtual MotionCapture software, YouTuber omotea captured themselves playing the mod as a full avatar:

FeetSaber is part of a suite of Beat Saber mods by Naluluna called NalulunaModifier, which also contains a handful of other zaney mods including ‘Boxing‘, ‘Badminton‘ and ‘Vacuum Saber‘ (because why not).

If you want to try FeetSaber for yourself you can do so with the the Beat Saber mod manager ‘Mod Assistant‘ and you can find the latest download link to the NalulunaModifier mod (which includes FeetSaber) at the bottom of the creator’s GitHub page. Note that to play FeetSaber you’ll need to either securely attach your controllers to your feet or use additional motion trackers like the Vive Tracker.

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  • dk

    I’m already exhausted

  • kontis

    4 years later and full body tracking is still Valve’s SteamVR tracking exclusive feature. Facebook, which (according to Michael Abrash’s false promises) was supposed to push the high end quality of VR to the stratosphere (instead of pushing for the lowest common denominator strategy) thanks to all their money, can’t to things Valve does for so many years.
    Sorry, Abrash, the lab and tech papers don’t count (funnily, this problem was raised during one of the last Lanman’s speeches, how researchers don’t want to make actual, real products). Your 5 years magical deadline is over.

    FBT was one of the biggest and most technologically impressive innovations of VR.
    It created whole careers and helped a lot with the VTuber revolution.

    But Facebook prefers to chase the imaginary casual money, despite promising us the high end innovation backed by great funding for years.

    • Ad

      Valve could have made VR body tracking huge by letting us use vive wands as body trackers, so all the people upgrading from wands would have it right away. Honestly I think the index full kit should have come with a Vive tracker too.

      I think the reason it hasn’t done well though is HTC stupidly trying to push plastic junk peripherals with a tracker attached, artificial locomotion contradicting body tracking a bit, and the cost being twice what it should be for three trackers.

      • mirak

        The issue is Steam VR headsets can communicate with only two external devices.
        You need extra dongles to have them tracked like the one sold with vive trackers, or the one that was provided with Steam controllers.

        Then you need to flash the dongle.
        And I think flash the wands with a tracker firmware but I don’t want to do that, because I still used them.

        • Ad

          Right, you should be able to seemlessly pair wands as trackers, and they should have sold cheap radios for vive owners since they were shutting down the steam controller around the same time.

    • You are absolutely correct. Everyone should have a Ferrari in there garage. F*** all those losers who think a Ford is good enough for them.

      Thank god we have big brains like you to make all our decisions for us.

      Whew…I feel safe and secure knowing my electronic entertainment decisions are being handled by people such as yourself.

      • gothicvillas

        If no one made Ferraris there wouldn’t be fords either

        • I don’t understand that metaphor. Additionally, if they it wouldn’t even apply in this case. Oculus would exist even if Valve and HTC never did.

        • marcandrdsilets

          Ferrari was created 44 years after Ford I don’t see your point.

          • gothicvillas

            its a metaphor. By ferraris it was meant a high end cutting edge technology. I simply replied to another comment who used the same metaphor about ferraris
            Hope this clarifies.

    • mirak

      The issue is not the lack of fullbody tracking, but the lack of demande for it, and a dance game could definitely move that line.

    • marcandrdsilets

      Feet tracking is NOT the high end quality of VR. That’s just a false assumption.

    • ViRGiN

      found valve fanboy! lol

  • Ad

    If Valve had just made it easy for all the people upgrading from vive to index to use their vive wands as vice trackers, body tracking would A lot bigger in VR today and they might even have an advantage since theirs is the only tracking system that can support it.

    • mirak

      It’s relatively easy.
      The harder is to find steamcontroller dongles, because the headsets can track only two controllers, at least for the Vive it’s the case.

      • Ad

        It’s not that easy, especially if you want it to be reversible. They should have let Vive owners get surplus radios from the steam controllers being discontinued. There is a site that has them for 25 but still.

  • Jack Liddon

    This looks fun. Great idea and an even better name “Feet Saber”

  • MW

    Yes, yes, yes! No clunky treadmills, no bigger fov, no higher res (important but unavailable with today average gamer hardware). Full body tracking (legs) is the future for now. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get VR on another level. Immersion is not complete of you are just floating head.

    • ViRGiN

      For social stuff, yeah, but we really need proper, lengthy, quality games, not 4 year long Onward-shit-style early access, or Pavlov that takes ages to provide anything substantial.

  • Ahahahah very funny!

  • mega

    so they stole even MORE from holodance..

    • ViRGiN

      beat saber is stealing everything from everyone, primarily music and noone bats an eye.

      • Meverweever

        But like… it’s people just modding it in, not Beat Saber themselves. People see something they like from something else and mod it in, I don’t see why that’s an issue

  • marcandrdsilets

    Oh my god, this would make DANCERUSH STARDOM accessible at home :O

  • gothicvillas

    Near future systems must have full body tracking. Thats the next big thing. I can’t believe there are no tiny trackers the size of a coin to put on velcros all around you.

  • burzum793

    Pay the mod author some good money and make it part of the official game! :)

  • HA


    it would be more than awesome when you can shufle too!!!