The second night of the 69th Emmy Awards saw a number of nominations for virtual reality content, including rendered experiences and 360 video spanning a diverse swath of genres. Taking home an Emmy this year was The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama, a 360 video created by Felix & Paul Studios and Oculus Studios that gives you a guided tour of one the most important buildings in the world, led by former US President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The People’s House: Inside the White House took the 2017 Emmy for ‘Outstanding Original Interactive Program’. Six total nominations for VR content were spread between that and the category for ‘Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media Within a Scripted Program’. The latter was won by Westworld’s interactive website, a web portal to the sci-fi program’s fictitious resort that lets you book stays and peruse Westworld’s various amenities.

Felix & Paul Studios is known for creating highly polished VR videos covering everything from made-for-VR performances for Cirque du Soleil to a 40 minute-long 360 video that explores the life of a funny, but depressingly broken family through the eyes of a robot toy. The common thread among all of their VR projects is the attention to detail and production quality, making the company’s offerings a clear a cut above your standard 360 videos.

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This isn’t the first VR experience to win an Emmy though. Sleepy Hollow’s VR experience picked up an Emmy in 2015 for best ‘User Experience And Visual Design’. One year later, Oculus’ Henry, the company’s Pixar-esque VR cartoon that follows the woes of a lonely hedgehog, won the Emmy in ‘Outstanding Original Interactive Program’ category—making Felix & Paul’s video the fourth to do so behind Google’s juried win with Pearl just a few days ago for best ‘Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Programming’.

While the company’s production studio Oculus Story Studios—which saw the release of LostHenry, and Dear Angelica—is now shuttered, Oculus is still active in seeding creatives with development funds, earmarking $50 million of the $250 million they recently committed to invest in VR content exclusively for external investments in “non-gaming, experiential VR content.” The similarly named Oculus Studios, the company’s publishing house, is still active however.

You can download Felix & Paul’s Emmy award-winning video on both Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR. It can also be streamed to Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and traditional monitors via YouTube.

‘The People’s House’ for Rift

‘The People’s House’ for Gear VR

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  • Xron

    Lets hope to see even more decent 360 videos :)

  • JonBishop

    Update required. Donald J. Trump is now President.

    • NooYawker

      Update a film called “The People’s House: Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama” to include Donald?

      • JonBishop

        That’s right. Update to “The People’s House: Making America Great Again”.

        • NooYawker

          I think they made that movie already.

          • JonBishop

            I see you’re not up for intelligent debate. Nice.

          • NooYawker

            What? Donald Trump is a clown and a nightmare? It’s pretty relevant.

          • Warscent

            Facts and logic say you are quite wrong on both accounts. Analyze real data and think for yourself.

          • NooYawker

            Real data from where? Inforwars? Alternative facts? A trump supporter talking about facts and logic? Now that is pretty funny.

          • Warscent

            Funny until you realize how pathetically wrong you’ve been all this time.

  • Get Schwifty!

    LOL I can just imagine it… “In this room we plotted with our Saudi overlords to undermine America on this occasion”. Sorry, not a big fan of the man who helped promote the “Arab Spring” knowing full well people who have been taught their entire life that they have to support a democratically opposed theocratic government under Sharia law were not about to adopt democracy in any meaningful sense.

    • NooYawker

      That’s what you took from his two terms? Are you a fan of Donald doing a sword dance kissing the asses of the Saudi overlords up close and personal? Did you prefer how things were in 2008 when yet another Republican sent the economy into a depression?

      • maybe

        drumpf sure knows how to pucker up.

      • Warscent

        He only mentioning a few un-debatable truths.
        There are uncountable worse things to walk away from those dual terms.
        Learn of Nationalism vs Globalism.

  • Warscent