Cirque du Soleil and Felix & Paul Studios recently launched another fantastical collaborative VR video, this time delving deep into the world of surreal underwater performance art with its aerial acrobatics, dives, fire, and hauntingly beautiful amphibious characters.

The 12-minute 360 degree, 3D experience literally submerges the user into an abridged version of Cirque du Soleil’s live show “O”, creating a virtual reality universe filled with curious and madcap characters doing acrobatic feats of true wonder, both on stage and in an underwater environment. To welcome you, a white-faced bishop swings his incenses-burning thurible closer to your face, a grave benediction as your travels bring you further through the world of Cirque du Soleil’s most skin crawling experience to date.

A short clip can be seen on Cirque’s Facebook page.

The makers claim DREAMS OF “O” is the first-ever VR experience to combine simultaneous underwater and slow-motion shooting, which according to Felix & Paul required “significant technical advancement to accomplish using Felix & Paul Studios’ proprietary camera technology.”

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Following the award-winning Inside the Box of Kurios and critically-acclaimed KÀ The Battle Within, DREAMS OF “O” is the third collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Felix & Paul Studios. The experience was co-directed by filmmaker François Blouin, who also worked with Felix & Paul on KÀ The Battle Within.

DREAMS OF “O” for Gear VR

The video is now available on Samsung Gear VR, but make sure to have plenty of space. While the app itself is only a few MBs in size, the video is well over 2.5GB.

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘O’ is one of the world’s most innovative theatrical productions inspired by the infinity and elegance of water’s pure form and delivered by world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers and divers,” said Sebastian Sylwan, Chief Technology Officer at Felix & Paul Studios. “To immerse viewers in the same ethereal, dreamlike mood in an original VR experience, we combined simultaneous underwater and slow-motion shooting—a feat that required us to significantly modify our proprietary camera technology, merging the two techniques to more poignantly evoke the artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance of ‘O’”.

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“We’re proud to release DREAMS OF ‘O’ to celebrate the success of one of our most popular shows in Vegas,” said Jerry Nadal, Senior VP of Cirque du Soleil’s Resident Shows Division. “Our partnership with Felix & Paul Studios highlights Cirque’s leadership in pushing the boundaries of creating outstanding immersive experiences. Virtual reality allows us to explore
state-of-the-art platforms to complement our live show experiences.”

CES attendees and the general public can experience KÀ The Battle Within in the MGM Grand hotel lobby January 2 through January 12.

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  • nargorn

    Why not for Rift and Vive???

  • Not VR. 360 videos aren’t VR.

    • xxHanoverxx

      It is 3D/VR. You obviously haven’t tried it.

      • I’ve seen MANY 3D 360 videos. None of them count as VR. Unless there are polygonal structures, or at least light field reconstructions, it’s not VR. There is no positional tracking, no parallax. If my view is a single point in space, in which I can only turn, it’s not VR. It’s just another 360 video, and there’s many of those.

  • KnowledgeTransfer

    Come on Felix and Paul! Release for the Rift. It’s like Oculus Studios TEASED us with the 3D 360 video “Introduction to Virtual Reality”.. And they did release the Obama National Parks film. Now there’s awesome Cirque du Soleil content and we dont get to enjoy it? Why? Please release on the Rift!